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Achieving sustainable growth in the new normal is subject to multiple parameters including ecosystem trends, competitor strategies, and ever-evolving consumer sentiments and needs.  

We help our clients make critical decisions and chart roadmaps about their future with ease and flexibility, providing them the agility to navigate an ever-changing environment.  

We jointly work with our clients to create efficient business growth and transformation strategies by adopting a data-driven approach. We uniquely specialize in working with organizations from diverse industry verticals, monitor market trends, craft strategies, and build business alliances to help make bold, sustainable and transformative ideas into a reality. 

How We Help Our Clients

Our suite of services covers a broad range of key customer needs that enable them to make informed decisions. Our deep understanding of emerging technologies and their industry implications, coupled with our industry veteran SMEs, and augmented with a rich repository of thought leadership, benchmark reports and voice of customer intelligence, separates us from our peers.

Furthermore, Zinnov’s use of proprietary and third-party software tools enables our robust research workflows.

Our expertise covers all major technology segments including Cloud Computing, AI/ML, AR/VR, 5G, Hyper-Intelligent Automation, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity, and across industry verticals including Software, Media & Telecom, Industrial, Automotive, Healthcare, Retail and Energy & Utilities.

Go-To-Market & Market Visibility

Leveraging our expertise in marketing, sales and product management, customer intelligence frameworks, reports and benchmarks, and technology tools and software, to help clients identify and leverage white spaces

Customer Strategy

Our teams work from outside-in, designing a Voice of Customer approach to outline strategies that start with customers and end with Revenue

Partner Strategy

We help leverage an expansive networks of partners, we help our clients hyper-accelerate their growth. By combining market intelligence with 2 decades of industry know-how, we match our clients with the right partners to meet their business objectives.

Product Engineering Strategy

Our 15+ years experience in the Digital Services and ER&D sector makes us the premier choice for clients looking to improve their engineering processes, business/ product expansion plans, and account strategies.


Macro Trends | Report Investment And Value Creation In The New Digital Normal This Zinnov study evaluates the global Digital Engineering Services space by analyzing 3000+ PE transactions in the overall Technology Services segment, including buyouts, growth capital, and add-on acquisitions. The findings bring out the larger picture of the global Private Equity landscape, the increasing focus on Digital Engineering, and other trends within the ecosystem.
Harnessing the Power of Generative AI in Transforming Software Engineering Productivity
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202X & Future Growth Possibilities - Navigating  The New Reality
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Future Of Work – The Arrival Of The Hybrid Digital Workplace
Global Talent | Blog Future Of Work – The Arrival Of The Hybrid Digital Workplace The new normal is here to stay. As future of work gets redefined, organizations need to look into building hybrid digital workplaces

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