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Despite incremental growth in the Automotive and Aerospace industries in the wake of the pandemic, the spending in both verticals is optimistic, with their R&D priorities remaining steady. Dedicated investments in CASE (Connected cars, Autonomous driving, Shared, Electrification) have sharpened enterprise focus on the right talent and technologies to drive related initiatives. With more than 1/3rd of all automotive deals in the last 5 years having elements of CASE, enterprises are leaving no stone unturned to reduce time to market and increasingly partnering with Technology Service Providers for CASE-specific and new-age initiatives alike. Given the tectonic shifts in the geopolitical landscape, Aerospace & Defense spending is being strengthened, with AI/ML, Autonomous Unmanned systems, Digital Twins, Quantum Computing, Space & 5G Communications emerging as key R&D focus areas.   

Given the profound disruptions that Automotive and Aerospace industries are witnessing, organizations can’t go the distance by themselves. Fostering partnerships, working collaboratively, and creating differentiation will be key for their long-term sustainable growth. For this, organizations need to focus on investing in the right digital technologies, prioritizing customer experience across the value chain, and optimizing strategy and focus to drive growth. Our deep domain expertise in the Automotive and Aerospace industries, our thought leadership reports that provide a comprehensive view of the industry landscape, and our nuanced understanding of business dynamics that drive C-suite decisions, enable us to partner with our customers to develop breakthrough strategies with detailed playbooks and actionable insights.   

From optimizing technologies to driving innovation and inorganic growth through strategic M&As, our full suite of service offerings helps enterprises to realize their full potential today, while also building resilience to seize opportunities tomorrow.  

How We Help Our Clients

Our globalization experts provides tailored solutions to customers looking to leverage the power of global resources and capabilities to fuel their growth, quickly and efficiently.


Our suite of collaboration models allow customers to choose a best-fit solution by marrying business objectives with available resources and organizational readiness.


Backed by our robust methodology for carving meaningful insights, we help our clients unfold the best growth opportunities through comprehensive landscape reports and data-rich insights.


Our Automation experts work closely with Enterprise and Platform companies looking to leapfrog their growth and digital transformation journeys by aligning the right technology with business priorities.


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