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A Shipping & Mailing major streamlined its operations via Digital Transformation

A Shipping & Mailing major streamlined its operations via Digital Transformation

Client’s challenge

A US-headquartered global shipping and mailing giant with annual revenue of ~USD 5 Bn wanted support for numerous digital transformation initiatives in terms of strategy, competition analysis, and implementation. The company has been our long-term client with close to a decade-long collaboration.

How Zinnov helped

Through our expertise in multiple digital transformation initiatives and a strong partnership with the client, we helped the client with technological advancement and innovation.

For the Analytics domain, we assessed the entire process of product usage, including tracking, cost analysis, and vendor management. We also designed a SaaS Analytics application solution for decision-making & providing a better customer experience.

Similarly, in the area of emerging tech adoption, we conducted extensive industry analysis for transformative & futuristic trends. In partnership with the client, we defined a robust strategy for seamless adoption of emerging technologies like AI, ML, and IoT for warehousing. This significantly helped in vendor onboarding and implementation of the proposed solutions.

Together with the client, we generated crucial wins in the domain of Process Optimization and Automation. Major efforts were channeled towards analyzing numerous processes across Operations, F&A, HR, Sales & Disaster Management. For process optimization, we helped the client with strategic frameworks to reengineer processes and in turn reduce costs and increase efficiency. We sketched out the process feasibility and produced a business case for process automation that included quantifiable benefits for cost and efficiency reduction.

When it came to Virtual Customer Experience, we assessed the feasibility of providing a Virtual Experience Center (VEC) for customers in COVID times for their product portfolio. We also helped the client in designing the solution of VEC through 3D, AR, and VR technology adoption to boost sales.

These tech domains that we worked on together with the client have been significant to them for achieving long-term business goals. Over the years, the collaborative efforts of Zinnov and the client have led to massive results in the domain of digital transformation and delivered huge benefits across cost, branding, and experience.

Impact created

With collaborated efforts in the domain of analytics, we program managed the implementation of a SaaS analytics application for the client, which was the first of a kind in the industry. We also offered a comprehensive 360-degree view and solution design on the adoption of technology in warehouse processes in the emerging technology adoption space. The implementation of technology strategy helped the client reach their futuristic tech adoption plans.

The client achieved a major victory in the process optimization and automation domain through the creation of a detailed workflow and solutions for process improvement owing to innovation like gamification and adoption of applications & technology. This was crucial in increasing operational efficiency in multiple high value processes for the client. We also designed a robust implementation roadmap for the Robotic Process Automation technology.

Finally, for the Virtual Customer Experience initiative, we program-managed the VEC in totality. Through an efficient partnership with the client, we improved the CSAT multifold and provided a one-of-a-kind industry solution for the customers.

We have provided them with strategic advisory in the domain of Analytics, emerging Tech adoption, process optimization, virtual customer experience, and process automation. The client needed expertise and robust strategies for the assessment of product usage processes, industrial analysis, feasibility assessment for experience centers, etc.

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