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Innovation today is non-negotiable for businesses to stay competitive and thrive. We believe in harnessing the power of collaboration and partnership to drive successful innovation. Our approach is centred on working closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals, and to develop tailored solutions that supports their journey towards realizing their innovations.  

Our team of subject matter experts leverage their deep start-up networks, augmented with cutting-edge research and insights that empowers our customers to ramp up capabilities needed to succeed in an ever-changing environment.  

Our proven methodology, based on a purpose-led strategy, has helped numerous clients achieve their desired results and improve their innovation outcomes. Our suite of collaboration models offers a range of options for our clients to choose from, allowing them to select the best fit solution for their business objectives and available resources. 

With a presence in key geographies and markets, we leverage a global innovation ecosystem to benchmark the most critical customer needs and growth opportunities, making our strategists the best-equipped to leapfrog your innovation journeys.

How We Help Our Clients

We don’t build for clients; We build with them.

While 84% of executives agree that innovation is a critical business objective, 94% are dissatisfied with their exiting innovation outcomes. Zinnov’s innovation practice leverages a purpose-led strategy that helps customers realize their innovations.

Our suite of collaboration models allow customers to choose a best-fit solution to achieve their primary KPIs by marrying business objectives with available resources and organizational readiness at each stage of their innovation lifecycle.

Collaboration Working with customers, partners and key stakeholders in tandem to identify internal and external challenges to innovation and solution for high-impact growth strategies. Our offline network memberships, market visibility events and peer networks augment our efforts to drive best in class collaboration. Subject MatterExpertise Specialists across a broad range of industries and verticals with a pulse on the market, deep industry and ecosystem connects, and experienced in building, operating and scale innovation capabilities. Technology Enablement Leveraging proprietary intelligence tools to track 160,000+ startups, enabling the most robust competitive benchmarking and thought leadership outcomes. Our Inhouse CRM databases provide a repository of past tractions and ecosystem intelligence to drive high-value impact.

Driving in-house innovation competence for maximum value generation by designing successful roadmaps that foster a culture of entrepreneurship


Aiding customers in leveraging the power of startup collaboration to harness new-age solutions that leapfrog their innovation journeys


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