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There has been an exponential rise in Automation adoption over the last decade, which has further been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With a total addressable market size of ~$300Bn, today, 90% of Fortune 250 enterprises have adopted Automation and the rising demand is being served by more than 1300+ specialist platforms in the space.

Intelligent Automation (IA) engendered from the convergence of advanced technologies including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Low Code/No Code, Process Mining, etc., has resulted in enhanced customer/employee/partner experiences, business resilience, and operational efficiencies for enterprises across industry verticals.  

Our Automation experts work closely with Enterprise and Platform companies looking to leapfrog their growth and digital transformation journeys. Coupled with our deep ecosystem connects and augmented by our best-in-class benchmark reports rich with customer insights, Zinnov helps customers identify organizational and market readiness, penetrate and successfully compete in new markets by leveraging the power of Automation. 

 Our proprietary frameworks and toolkits help organizations scale with ease and agility, closely aligning Automation adaptation with key business priorities.

How We Help Our Clients
Process Discovery

Partnering with customers to shortlist which process to automate by preparing data-backed business cases using our time-tested 3 stage approach-Prioritize, Assess, and Finalize.

Automation CoE

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with clients to create world class Automation teams that can be scaled and finessed with ease. Our roadmaps are designed to generate and track returns on Automation.


Helping customers identify digital transformation whitespaces by assessing target markets, analyzing organizational readiness and creating roadmaps that guarantee competitive advantage.

Automation M&A

With a proprietary database of over 500+ automation ISVs, we engage with our clients to identify strategic investments that will leapfrog their digital transformation journeys and accelerate growth.


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