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A large Irish Power MNC leveraged Automation to drive business growth

A large Irish Power MNC leveraged Automation to drive business growth

Client’s challenge

A large Irish Power MNC was looking to automate its horizontal helpdesks across IT & Customer Support and for this, they required an assessment of the various processes across the horizontals to understand the scope for automation and the potential outcomes. An in-depth evaluation of the existing processes was required to understand how automation could be implemented to contribute to the growth of the business.

How Zinnov helped

Zinnov started by understanding and analyzing the processes that the company had in place across the IT and Customer Support functions and how they functioned across the horizontal. Then the team conducted an automation feasibility assessment, wherein they worked to understand what gaps could be filled by introducing automation and how it would help.

The Zinnov team outlined a strategy to evaluate those vendors. After that, the team undertook a deep analysis of the value chain associated with the helpdesk. A benchmark analysis was then performed to assess the automation implemented by the peers of the company within the industry, to provide an insight about how it has worked for them and then measured the value that it has delivered for those companies. This helped shortlist recommendations for vendors and implementation partners as per the suitability of the client. And ultimately, vendors who would be well-suited for the helpdesks with the implementation of automation were onboarded.

Impact created

The research carried out by Zinnov yielded a detailed to-be state solution map, and an outline of what the workflow would look like once the MNC implemented automation across its IT and Customer Support functionalities. The recommendations made by the team enabled the client to implement automation effectively to achieve value addition to their business.

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