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The world around is fast-changing, forcing companies to pivot quickly and with agility. While global phenomena including geopolitical shocks, talent wars, and hyper-accelerated digitalization present new challenges for organizations, they have also engendered new opportunities, to drive innovation and harness globally available talent to build companies that will last. Global Capability Centers (GCCs), once viewed as the cost arbitrage back-offices, have evolved into sophisticated R&D hubs called Global Centers of Excellence (GCoEs*). These GCoEs harness the strength of collaboration and innovation to transform into business excellence lighthouses for their companies.  

Zinnov’s Globalization Excellence provides tailored solutions across the entire globalization value chain including center setup, center transformation, talent strategy, and globalization advisory services. Our award-winning teams comprise of premier solutionists for customers who are looking to leverage the power of global resources and capabilities to fuel their growth, quickly and efficiently.  

Over the last 2 decades, we have worked with clients across a range of industries including Enterprise Software, Digital Engineering Services, Automation, Retail, BFSI, Telecom, and Healthcare, to build and scale centers across the globe. Our thought leadership including strategic POVs, industry benchmark reports, and frameworks have become trusted playbooks for these centers to advance up the maturity curve, deliberately and intentionally.

20 years of Globalization Advisory experience with over 200+ technology companies including Fortune 500 companies and technology behemoths Deep connects with 400+ GCoEs best-in-class peer network of CXOs, industry bodies, Government agencies and key decision makers Global team of SMEs that bring geographical, industry, and domain specialization, helping create tailored solutions and world class thought leadership 20+ time-tested frameworks and playbooks that customers can leverage to build resilent organizations

*A GCoE is also known as a Global Capability Center (GCC), Global In-house Center (GIC), Captive Center, Offshore Development Center, or an Insourced team

How We Help Our Clients
EnablingGlobalization We help you create an optimal talent, location, operation, and financial strategy for expanding your global footprint Access GlobalTalent We help you set up innovation hubs, advise on entity incorporation and compliances, and manage functions such as talent acquisition, operations, accounting, payroll, and more Transform, Innovate,and Grow Faster We help you assess and optimize your global centers, helping you set the foundation for accelerated growth and innovation 1 2 3

With more than 20 years of deep expertise in Globalization Excellence consulting, our team of subject matter experts have collaborated with customers to ensure business continuity and mitigate risks from market disruptions. We have paved the way for organizations to mine untapped resources and capabilities by helping them:

  • Build talent and innovation hubs at scale
  • Build agile and flexible business models in-tune with the evolving market trends
  • Leverage deep ecosystem connects to use as best practices and contemporary playbooks
  • Leverage proprietary insights into competitor, customer, and landscape analyses
Global Capability Centers setup

Partnering with clients to identify global talent hotspots and build world class GCCs that serve as innovation hubs and drive sustained competitive advantage


Aiding global centers to achieve process and people optimization through meticulous center portfolio planning, operational model designs, and frameworks that save costs and increase efficiences


Helping clients understand long-term talent needs in dynamically changing environment, and designing best-in-class strategies and systems to meet them.


Customized client solutions, leveraging deep sectoral know-how, proprietaty frameworks and insights, aimed at building Global Centers of Excellence.


Explore our GCC-as-a-Service model. Setup your center in less than 90 days
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Impact Stories
Vijayraman Subramanian
A Global Fortune 100 American Telecom provider evolved its Center of Excellence to a Global Strategy Center 
Vijayraman Subramanian, VP & MD, Verizon India delves into the journey of Verizon’s India journey from a pure cost arbitrage center to a world-class strategic arm for their global operations
Peter George
A home-grown billion-dollar American EdTech provider is building its strategy capabilities
Peter George, CTO and Executive VP, HMH explains how talent and technology play a pivotal role in the global edtech ecosystem and the role it is playing in elevating the experience for students as well as educators.
Fiona Tan
An American Fortune 500 home goods retailer set up an innovation hub
Fiona Tan, CTO, Wayfair delivers insights about India as a Strategic Geography and the role of an Innovation center to create an impact that reverberates throughout the organization.
Global Talent | Report COE Hotspots of the World 2023 Download our comprehensive location analysis report on the top global talent hotspots of the world to set up Global Capability Centers (GCCs). Zinnov's COE hotspots of the world report provides in-depth location analysis of 17 countries.
How to set up a Global Capability Center (GCC)
Global Capability Centers | Blog How to set up a Global Capability Center (GCC) How to set up a Captive Center? What steps should a company follow to set up a Global Capability Center (GCC)? Access the center setup blueprint here.
How to Increase Global Capability Center Maturity: 3 Key Considerations for GCC Leaders
Global Capability Centers | Blog How to Increase Global Capability Center Maturity: 3 Key Considerations for GCC Leaders Discover the Power of Proactive Governance, Collective Leadership, and Value Metrics. Transform your Global Capability Center (GCC) for resilience, innovation, and enduring success.
The Indian ER&D GCC Advantage: Leveraging Talent and Technology for Innovation
Global Capability Centers | Blog The Indian ER&D GCC Advantage: Leveraging Talent and Technology for Innovation ER&D GCCs in India are driving innovation and excellence through partnerships & alliances, engineering excellence, and world-class talent.

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