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A global Enterprise Software company unlocked efficiency with optimized engineering footprint

A global Enterprise Software company unlocked efficiency with optimized engineering footprint

Client’s challenge

A global Enterprise Software company wanted to drive Engineering needs for the future by setting up new and optimizing their existing global centers.

As part of their long-term initiatives, they wanted to drive Engineering efficiencies and optimization to support the growth plan for the next 5 years. The goal was to create efficient and mature Engineering centers to help form a global footprint. We assisted the client with devising strategies for organization-level initiatives, the transition roadmap, location and portfolio shortlisting, and communications.

How Zinnov helped

To help the company achieve their critical long-term goals, we kickstarted by defining the new R&D organization structure and the C-suite leadership for the center. We then established the Integration playbook and KPIs for the same.

We collaborated with the client to create a vendor governance playbook which was the key enabler in completing the organization-level initiatives. This playbook was beneficial as it helped align the vendor’s roles and responsibilities within the business. Further, we discovered the necessity for process standardization and automation that would help the center in streamlining operations.

The client received a robust location and portfolio strategy:

  • Identification of locations for growth and consolidation
  • Clear definition of the location persona
  • Restructuring portfolio for each location based on the future vision
  • Detailed transition plan to get to the desired end state
  • Location-specific initiatives to enable transformation and center governance framework

Committed to end-to-end execution of the devised strategy, we oversaw the entire transition process, hiring, and the knowledge transition strategy. In this phase, risks were also identified, as well as the ways to mitigate them. We also developed a communication plan for the client as it was imperative for a clear circulation of information between all the stakeholders.

Impact created

Through the strong and operative location strategies, the client was able to optimize their Global Engineering centers from 33 locations to 16. They also succeeded in opening 2 new Engineering centers in India with a capacity of 300 people.

In addition, they maintained their Innovation investment despite cutting their annual R&D spending by 15%, which indicated a positive ROI going forward. Finally, we assisted the client in restructuring their vendor strategy to enable strategic partnerships and access top talent.

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