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Global Capability Centers (GCCs) act as strategic business partners to their parent organizations, making them global hubs for open innovation and untapped talent, that safeguard them against future shocks. Leading global organizations have found immense value in establishing Global Capability Centers, which extend beyond the traditional low maturity Captive Centers/Global In-house Center (GIC) models, to gain access to top talent and global markets.  

Our seasoned team of globalization advisors brings nuanced domain expertise, ensuring there is a viable business engine and operational excellence. Depending on organizational readiness, companies are measured on Zinnov’s proprietary maturity model to determine a customized center setup model that best suits clients’ business objectives. Our portfolio of models includes traditional models as well as new-age, accelerator and virtual models, to cater to evolving business contexts. We help our clients get access to the best global talent by establishing Global Capability Centers that are strategically aligned, equipped with top-notch infrastructure, high-impact HR policies, and a partner ecosystem conducive to accelerate cutting-edge innovation.

How We Help Our Clients

The evolving business scenario has propelled companies to pivot to models that ensure resilience, continuity, and efficiency.

Our time-tested 3-stage approach to center setup includes Design, Implementation, and Value Enablement phases, with a proven track record of 2X reduction in “time to value” and risk reduction in GCC failure, while keeping customer priorities at the core of the operation. Our holistic approach includes workshopping, strategy design and implementation, partner identification, due diligence and enablement, post setup governance solutions, as well as long-term success playbooks and frameworks that extend beyond the engagement.

What separates Zinnov from our peers is the portfolio of options we offer our clients, providing them with the flexibility and agility to choose a model that best suits their business goals and needs. Depending on the organization size, scalability needs, and resources available, a customized strategy solution is co-developed with the client.

What you can expect:

Reduction in Global Executive Management Bandwidth Not only do we help you reduce the bandwidth of functions that your global executive management has to carry out, we also ensure that you can navigate tasks seamlessly such as creating a talent strategy, hiring a center head, finding a suitable organizational structure, etc. 2x reduction in “Time to value” We help you hire faster and better, and makeother important logistical decisions. This enables your Global Capability Centers setup to start working right away, thus accelerating the process of value creation. Risk reduction of GCC failure Our experience and network enable us to bring a host of best practices and market knowledge to the table with an additional step of governance in the implementation process, helping you nurture growth, giving you an edge over competitors, and ensuring that your center becomes a successful disruption in the geography.

Our global network of center CXOs, industry and geography-specific reports and benchmark studies provide our customers with the tools they need to continuously succeed and move up the center maturity curve.


Setup Your Global Capability Center and Hire Engineering Talent at 1/3rd the Cost
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