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Thousands of global companies have already setup offshore Global Capability Centers (GCCs) to access specialized high-skill talent, catalyze growth and innovation, mitigate risks, and ensure business continuity in the wake of macroenvironmental shocks.

With 20+ years of expertise, Zinnov’s approach to a frictionless GCC setup has helped customers reduces time to set up and time to value by 50%. Our proven 3-phase model-Design, Implementation, and Governance-ensures hassle-free setup and operations as quickly as 90-days.

Benefits to setting up global capability center
How We Help Our Clients

Our client’s comfort is paramount to our business. Zinnov’s winning roadmap is co-created with our clients, providing them with the flexibility and agility to choose a model that best suits their business goals and needs. Our suite of models can be tailored depending on the organization size, scalability needs, and resources available.

Different offshoring models for setting up a GCC or Captive center

Zinnov’s award-winning, cross-functional covers legal, finance, talent, and infrastructure, ensuring a holistic approach to GCC setup. From establishing Centers of Excellence (COE) across diverse business functions to implementing shared services for finance, HR operations, legal, procurement, governance, and secretarial functions, we cover it all.

Global capability center setup

Our expertise extends to driving start-up-led open innovation programs, ensuring your GCC is not just operational but a thriving hub of innovation.


Setup Your Global Capability Center and Hire Engineering Talent at 1/3rd the Cost
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