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Big tech, big layoffs, no big deal: The bad times in global technology firms will be scary but short. And India may benefit from the disruption 25 Nov, 2022

In the last two years, Amazon, Meta, Twitter, have been poster-kids for aggressive upscaling. They invested in new ideas and experiments, anticipating exponential growth due to Covid-fuelled demand.

Building a Better EV Battery 26 Jan, 2023 Electric vehicles are moving upward and outward on the technology adoption curve, driven by societal pressure to find more sustainable sources of power, especially for automobiles.
The rise of silly C-suite titles 12 Jan, 2023 Chief heart officers and chief empathy officers are invading the C-suite, but don’t let their titles fool you: they can still fire you
8 top priorities for CIOs in 2023 11 Jan, 2023 Welcome to 2023. As the new year arrives, CIOs are facing a challenging to-do list as they strive to maximize IT productivity and efficiency in increasingly unpredictable times.
Navigating The New World Of Work: All You Need To Know About Moonlighting 15 Dec, 2022 The pandemic created new ways to work and spread your wings at work. Our perceptions of work have changed for good, particularly in the tech industry. Pari Natarajan, CEO of Zinnov, points out what’s next for the hot-topic trend of moonlighting.
How will Euro 7 impact the broader automotive sector? 23 Nov, 2022 On 12 November 2022, The European Commission (EC) presented its proposal for Euro 7 emission standards, covering both light and heavy vehicles in the European Union.
Software developer layoffs and hiring freezes on the rise 21 Nov, 2022 As tech companies tighten their belts, developers should prepare for a tighter job market by updating resumes and expanding job searches beyond big tech, say industry experts.

Press Releases

04 Oct, 2022   |   Nasdaq
The Metaverse today is what the Internet was back in 1983 – transformational, revolutionary, and ground-breaking. The Metaverse has created considerable possibilities with use cases evolving every day, influencing the way businesses interact with their customers, partners, and employees.
30 Sep, 2022   |   Institutional Investor
As borrowing costs spike and exits get harder, private equity firms are increasingly buying smaller, specialized companies that can be bolted on to existing holdings.


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