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Big tech, big layoffs, no big deal: The bad times in global technology firms will be scary but short. And India may benefit from the disruption 25 Nov, 2022

In the last two years, Amazon, Meta, Twitter, have been poster-kids for aggressive upscaling. They invested in new ideas and experiments, anticipating exponential growth due to Covid-fuelled demand.

Adequate funds, easy rules to open up potential of deep tech startups 12 Sep, 2023 Deep stakeholder engagement, targeted support, and a flexible regulatory framework will be key to unlocking the full potential of India’s deep tech startups, analysts said as the September 15 deadline for consultations on a government draft policy approaches.
One thing today in tech – The next wave of global capability centres in India 12 Sep, 2023 Global capability centres, as they are now marketed, are offshore centres in India providing work for large multinational parent corporations, mostly in the US, Britain and Western Europe, but also from countries like Japan and Australia.
Reliance, Tata strike deep AI partnerships with Nvidia – what can we expect? 11 Sep, 2023 Reliance and Tata group announced plans last week to build massive AI infrastructure and our own large language models, using powerful chips and technologies from Nvidia, which currently has a near monopoly as a supplier of these GPUs.
Global captives pip IT in hiring in a first in 3 years 14 Aug, 2023 While overall IT industry hiring has been flat amid lacklustre demand, GCCs continue to hire as they are mostly greenfield projects set up from scratch, industry insiders and experts said.
MSFT, AAPL, GOOGL: Generative A.I. Will Be Net Positives For Tech Services Companies 01 Aug, 2023 Tech implementations are supported by services firms who offer expertise and bandwidth at scale, notes Sidhant Rastogi. He discusses trends to watch in tech service industry. He talks about how lower inflation, better GDP in Europe, and the push from new generative A.I. adoption will be net positives for tech services companies. 
A Winning Generative AI Product Has Humans at its Foundation 28 Jul, 2023 Generative AI is set to transform industries, offering opportunities for startups & enterprises. It integrates seamlessly, optimizing workflows, reducing costs & increasing revenues. Startups’ agility gives them an edge. Success lies in being customer-centric, data-driven & human-focused. “Generation AI” demands adaptability.

Press Releases

13 Apr, 2023   |   Forbes India
In this episode, Pari Natarajan, founder and CEO of the consultancy Zinnov, talks about how India’s tech industry is changing. Once seen as the world’s back office, India’s IT services sector today prides itself as a digital transformation partner to the world’s biggest companies.
12 Apr, 2023   |   VentureBeat
Intelligent automation has made organizations “scary smart,” but the true value has been unlocked in the way that they offer simplicity. Automation has been instrumental in amplifying the impact of business efforts.


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