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Big tech, big layoffs, no big deal: The bad times in global technology firms will be scary but short. And India may benefit from the disruption 25 Nov, 2022

In the last two years, Amazon, Meta, Twitter, have been poster-kids for aggressive upscaling. They invested in new ideas and experiments, anticipating exponential growth due to Covid-fuelled demand.

Driving Change: Exploring The Profound Benefits Of AI In Modern Healthcare 25 May, 2023 The healthcare industry has soared to new heights, fueled by technological advancements such as telehealth, drug development, and smart diagnostics all of which have one commonality: Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Surviving Layoffs 22 May, 2023 Layoffs have been sending shockwaves throughout the workforce after some of the world’s largest companies cut tens of thousands of jobs in the past several months. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in March 2023, …
Technology Alone Won’t Deliver Greater Management Diversity, But Provides The Needed Transparency 13 May, 2023 Is technology a catalyst for opening up more opportunities for women and minorities to advance in management? Perhaps to some degree, but business leaders need to step up to make such progress – and technology…
ChatGPT is Pushing Engineering Buttons 03 May, 2023 When a revolutionary new technology or service emerges, there is always a knee-jerk reaction. Understandably, when livelihoods are threatened people tend to build walls around their existing way of life and work.
How to succeed as a fractional CIO 18 Apr, 2023 A fractional CIO is a technology leader hired on a temporary or part-time basis, explains Peter Kirkwood, corporate strategy leader at management consulting and strategy advisory firm Zinnov.
Pari Natarajan, tech whisperer, on India’s shift from the world’s back office to global innovation sandbox 13 Apr, 2023 In this episode, Pari Natarajan, founder and CEO of the consultancy Zinnov, talks about how India’s tech industry is changing.

Press Releases

13 Apr, 2023   |   Forbes India
In this episode, Pari Natarajan, founder and CEO of the consultancy Zinnov, talks about how India’s tech industry is changing. Once seen as the world’s back office, India’s IT services sector today prides itself as a digital transformation partner to the world’s biggest companies.
12 Apr, 2023   |   VentureBeat
Intelligent automation has made organizations “scary smart,” but the true value has been unlocked in the way that they offer simplicity. Automation has been instrumental in amplifying the impact of business efforts.


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