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To deconstruct value chains and build a truly transformative organization, businesses need to not only identify the emerging trends but also interpret those insights and undertake timely action to ensure sustainable outcomes.  

With a pragmatic focus on the latest market behaviour, technological advancements, and upcoming modern tech solutions, we bring deep value to our clients by providing them with key insights and data based on our extensive research frameworks and use of proprietary tools.

How We Help Our Clients

In today’s competitive landscape, organizations need to stay ahead of the curve to unlock potential growth opportunities and generate optimum results.

With a nuanced pulse on market and technological advancements, backed by our robust methodology for carving meaningful insights, we help our clients unfold the best growth opportunities. Our clients can benefit from the repository of insights and industry knowledge by

Technology Market Insights

Market Research and Insights

Providing Enterprises with a detailed analysis of the market from a Ground level view as well as 10,000ft view to bring about a holistic vision for ideation

Technology Research and Insights

Identifying top technology trends in the ever-evolving landscape, and providing in-depth insights so organizations can meet customer needs

Modern Tech

Tackling critical strategy challenges with our customers by leveraging key proprietary data points on modern technologies from 50K+ tech companies & 10K+ ISVs


Impact Stories
Vijayraman Subramanian
A Global Fortune 100 American Telecom provider evolved its Center of Excellence to a Global Strategy Center 
Vijayraman Subramanian, VP & MD, Verizon India delves into the journey of Verizon’s India journey from a pure cost arbitrage center to a world-class strategic arm for their global operations
Fiona Tan
An American Fortune 500 home goods retailer set up an innovation hub
Fiona Tan, CTO, Wayfair delivers insights about India as a Strategic Geography and the role of an Innovation center to create an impact that reverberates throughout the organization.
Latha Chembrakalam
A century-old Fortune 500 German automotive manufacturer keeps pace with the technological advances
Latha Chembrakalam, VP & Head of Technical Center India, Continental explores how they have kept pace with technological advances which have been accelerating at an exponential rate by leveraging the right value insights.
Engineering R&D | Report The Inevitable Rise and Impact of Digital Engineering 2023 What are the factors driving the Digital Engineering spends, despite global macro-economic headwinds? How are Service Providers capitalizing on the impending opportunity?
Top 10 Technology Trends 2023
Digital Technologies | Report Top 10 Technology Trends 2023 What direction will technology veer towards in 2023? Read our trend analysis here.
The Next Wave of Healthcare Innovation: Evolution of Healthcare Providers through Generative AI
Digital Technologies | Report The Next Wave of Healthcare Innovation: Evolution of Healthcare Providers through Generative AI Explore the impact of Generative AI in Healthcare. See how AI adoption is transforming patient care, improving healthcare, and reshaping the industry.
COE Hotspots of the World 2023
Global Talent | Report COE Hotspots of the World 2023 Download our comprehensive location analysis report on the top global talent hotspots of the world to set up Global Capability Centers (GCCs). Zinnov's COE hotspots of the world report provides in-depth location analysis of 17 countries.

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