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Nathan Gold | Zinnov

Nathan Gold
Entrepreneurship and Executive Coach

Nathan Gold is the Chief Coach at ‘The Demo Coach’. He coaches people around the world on how to prepare for high-stakes presentations. Nathan is an Industry Fellow at the UC Berkeley CET, a guest lecturer and pitch coach at Wharton Entrepreneurship, and a published author.

Yukio Takeyari | Zinnov

Yukio Takeyari
Technology and Business Expert

Yukio Takeyari is the former MD of Sony India Software Centre. He served in various capacities within Sony Corporation, in development, design and management across the Engineering, PC, Network Services and Consumer Electronic divisions. He holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in electrical engineering from Keio University, and a software architecture degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kali Durgampudi | Zinnov

Kali Durgampudi
CTO | CIO | Board Member | Innovator | Mentor | Advisor

With 20+ years of health information technology experience, Kali has successfully led global cross-functional teams and delivered large-scale projects, while managing the budget realities of today’s market. Kali primarily serves as a technology and innovation leader at Zelis, is on the board of CHIME India, and serves as an advisor for several technology companies. He recently served as Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Greenway Health.

Preethi Madappa | Zinnov

Preethi Madappa
Talent, Inclusion & Diversity Advisor

Preethi has 20+ years of experience as an HR Practitioner. An active proponent of Diversity & Inclusion, Preethi has worked across companies like Intel, Titan, and Warner Lambert, and helped set up D&I Councils to make inclusion a key aspect of their work culture and values. She is associated with a FemTech start-up and is a Post-Graduate from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Mohandoss Thulasidoss | Zinnov

Mohandoss Thulasidoss
RPA and Business Consultant

Mohan has 32+ years of multi-industry experience with deep knowledge in developing digital transformation strategies and unique methodologies. Mohan is an automation expert and brings a unique combination of technology insights and its application across multiple business domains like Financial, Retail, Energy, Healthcare, etc. Mohan is a sought-after speaker in many conferences.

Deepak Visweswaraiah | Zinnov

Deepak Visweswaraiah
Technology and Globalization Leader

Deepak has 30+ years of experience in the enterprise software development industry. As a global leader in NetApp, he helped define the Data Fabric strategy and drive global transformation projects. Deepak has also spent 18 years in the United States working for companies like i2 Technologies, Adobe Systems, etc. He’s on the Board of IACC, Karnataka and advises several start-ups.

Nick O’Connor | Zinnov

Nick O’Connor
Innovation Evangelist

Nick is an expert in designing and operating innovation programs. Nick works with founders of high potential start-ups leading the strategy and tactics of getting to product market fit and then growth. He has previously worked with Applied Materials, Accelicare, AT&T, etc. He is an alumnus of UC Berkeley and Columbia Business School.

Venkat Raju | Zinnov

Venkat Raju
Digital Transformation Evangelist

Venkat Raju is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and disruptor within the Corporate Innovation and Digital Transformation ecosystem, working with several multi-national stalwarts in myriad industries including Energy, Retail, Healthcare and High Tech. Venkat has helmed global leadership roles at Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley & Merrill Lynch, British Telecom, and ACI Worldwide. Venkat sits on the Board of several startups in his portfolio of 70+ companies, to which he lends his rich expertise while also advising select Funds, Incubators & Accelerators.