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We use cookies to improve our User’s experience throughout our Website. More information about how and why we use cookies and how You can manage them can be found in this Cookie Policy.

This Cookie Policy also explains how and why cookies, web beacons, pixels and other similar technologies (collectively “Cookies”) may be stored on and accessed from your device when You use or visit our Website and how You can manage your preferences. This Cookie Policy must be read together with our Privacy Policy.

Zinnov reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to amend or update this Cookie Policy from time to time. We therefore invite You to review the current version of the Cookie Policy each time You return to our Website.

What are Cookies?

“Cookies” are small text files that are stored by your browser on the hard drive of your computer or other device. Cookies can be placed on your device directly by our Website (first-party Cookies) or by a third party through our Website (third-party Cookies).

Cookies can be further categorised into two types:

Session Cookies are only stored on your device during your browser session. They are automatically deleted when you close your browser.

Persistent Cookies remain on your device for a set period even after your browser session has ended.

What do we use Cookies for?

Our Website uses different categories of Cookies for the purposes described below.

Strictly necessary Cookies

These Cookies are required for the operation of our Websiteand use of its features. They include, for example, Cookies that enable You to log into secure areas of our Website. They enable us to remember some of your choices to speed up navigation and provide You with enhanced user experience.

Our Website cannot function without such Cookies and they are automatically set when You visit them. You can set your browser to block or alert You about these Cookies, but in that case, some parts of our Website will not work for You (please see “Managing Cookies” below for more information).

Below is a list of domains and subdomains using these Cookies:

Company Domain/Subdomain
Zinnov Management Consulting Pvt Ltd zinnov.com, zinnovzones.com, confluence.zinnov.com

Functional Cookies

Our Website may use functional Cookies such as Google Analytics to carry out some analytics to enhance the functionality of the Website. These Cookies allow us to collect information such as how you use our Website; which pages are the most visited; or the User’s location. These enables us to determine what content is of most interest to our Users and to ensure they easily find what they are looking for.

If You are an account holder on , we may use Cookies to collect information about your activity on our Website, such as which pages You viewed or which videos You watched. This helps us understand what content is of interest to you.

Below is a list of domains, subdomains and third-party links using these Cookies:

Company Domain/Subdomains/Third-party links
Zinnov Management Consulting Pvt Ltd zinnov.com, zinnovzones.com, www.zinnov.com
Google Inc. www.google-analytics.com
Hubspot app.hubspot.com

Targeting Cookies

These Cookies record your visit to the Website, the pages You have visited and the links You have followed. We may use this information to make our Website content more relevant to your interests.

We may also use Cookies to enable You to share content on networking or social media sites or for marketing and promotional purposes where You have subscribed to marketing communications from Zinnov.

Below is a list of domains, subdomains and third-party links using these Cookies:

Company Domain/ Subdomains/Third-party links
Zinnov Management Consulting Pvt Ltd zinnov.com
Google Advertising Products doubleclick.net
Google Inc. youtube.com
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions adsymptotic.com
LinkedIn ads.linkedin.com
Microsoft bat.bing.com
Twitter twitter.com
Yandex mc.yandex.ru

Managing Cookies

Strictly necessary Cookies are automatically set on your browser when You visit our Website. These Cookies are required for our Website to work efficiently and cannot be disabled using the “Manage Cookie Settings” window on our Website.

You have the choice to accept all Cookies by clicking on “Accept all cookies” or manage your Cookie preferences by clicking on “Manage cookie settings” on our cookie banner. Please note that certain functionalities of our Website might not work if You choose to disable other Cookies.

If you want to modify your Cookie settings later on, You can also do so by clicking on the “Manage cookie settings” button at the top of this Policy.

You can also use the settings of your internet browser to prevent it from accepting new Cookies (including strictly necessary Cookies), get notified when new Cookies are dropped on your browser and disable or delete Cookies altogether (including strictly necessary Cookies). Please note that deleting existing Cookies will not prevent Cookies from being set during your next visit toour Website.

You can find more information about how to manage Cookies in the “help” section of your browser.


If you have any questions about this Cookie Policy, please contact info@zinnov.com.

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