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A cloud computing software company formed a strategic partnership and discovered untapped market opportunities

A cloud computing software company formed a strategic partnership and discovered untapped market opportunities

Client’s challenge

A leading cloud computing software company wanted to gather account intelligence for their infrastructure models. This was critical in order to achieve the company’s goals of growing its influence within existing accounts and breaking into new, prospective ones.

The enterprise’s services team found it difficult to access deep insights into infrastructure models. Another major challenge for the client was identifying the top influential Global Systems Integrator (GSI) partners that had a considerable wallet share in the accounts they were engaged in​. To grow and scale the business, it was important for the client to form a deep relationship with the best GSI partners. The client tasked Zinnov with developing an in-depth analysis into their accounts, in comparison to those present across key GSI partners​.

How Zinnov helped

We followed a multi-pronged research approach to deep-dive into the accounts of the client.​ The first step was a thorough account overview which comprised of basic parameters such as details of the HQ, headcount of the workforce, revenue generated, IT spend and cost analysis etc. Zinnov’s analysis helped the client see an intelligible picture of their accounts and what goals they can set to achieve success in the near future.

Next, we concentrated on estimating the share of GSI partners in terms of the outsourced IT Dollar value. This provided a clear picture of the value that each account and partner delivered to the client and highlighted areas for improvement.

Creation of a comprehensive list of vendors across the technology stack included identifying top vendors, products mapped​ etc. This enabled the client to identify vendors who would help them increase efficiency, reach a larger market, and maximize capability outputs.

A data center analysis with a focus on key data centers, location etc. helped the client to understand and prioritize their hyper converged infrastructure capabilities.

Senior level stakeholders across business units (BU) were identified, which was critical for defining roles and understanding information requirements for each of the BUs, in order to achieve long-term wins.

Impact created

Our collaboration with the client helped us derive relevant insights about the wallet share of top GSI partners within the most prominent customer accounts​. This significantly benefitted the client – Zinnov helped create strong strategies for building long term, beneficial partnerships.

Apart from building partnerships, they also gained visibility on deal renewals that could be targeted for their products and platforms. This assisted the client in crystalizing their business scaling strategy and identifying the most important products and platforms among customers.

Through Zinnov’s comprehensive account intelligence, the client was able to acheive 2 of their goals. One, was to uncover specific sell-through opportunities within accounts. The second, was to bring visibility on attractive competitor displacement opportunities. Both of these were achieved successfully with Zinnov’s deep ecosystem connects, and multi-disciplinary study.

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