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People form the epicenter of every organization which is why it is imperative to invest heavily in nurturing them. We partner with clients across industries, geographies and verticals to build robust people-centric strategies. Covering a broad range of themes including talent hotspot identification, staffing, executive coaching and reskilling workshops, our talent strategy empowers employees to become more capable to meet customer needs and empowers management to become more capable to attract and retain the best talent.

Talent today looks for benefits that go beyond just their compensation. Furthermore, the unprecedented changes to the workspace brought about seismic macroenvironmental changes has only made it more crucial for firms to revamp the employee policies and adopt a talent-first approach. This approach helps build firms that are more agile and nurtures talent which fosters innovation and growth – both for the organization and the employee. 

Our team of experts helps build agility in organizations and creates talent as a source of competitive advantage. Using our research and data, we help organizations attract, retain and engage talent

How We Help Our Clients

We partner with clients to help them get the right people in the right roles. Our team of experts understands’ the nuances of attracting, hiring and retaining top talent. By leveraging Zinnov’s 3D model – Diagnose, Design, Deliver – we have been able to drive tangible and successful outcomes for 200+ clients.

As technology continues to revolutionize the Work-Worker-Workplace paradigm, organizations need to reimagine the nature of jobs and the skills required to succeed in them. Our talent strategists work in conjunction with organization and employee goals and objectives to co-create customized solutions that benefit all stakeholders.

Our cutting-edge data intelligence software provides key insights into the future of work, key skills and talent gaps, and mobility analyses that help our customers stay ahead of the curve. Complimentary to our expertise and solutions, our thought leadership, playbooks and benchmark reports help clients improve the odds of success.

Employer Branding

We help create a compelling employer value proposition that resonates with the potential talent pool they seek to attract and retain.

Total Rewards

We have been the pioneers in compensation benchmarking and a leading advisor to our clients who trust our insights to drive business decisions and improve the economic value organizations add to their employees.

Inclusive Workplaces

We offer 360-degree view of diversity, inclusion, and equity through our maturity assessment process which delves deep into employee perception, policies, programs, and voice of the employee.


The returnship program’s prime focus is to devise strategies that help bring untapped, yet skilled and qualified talent back to the workforce. This program aims to build new channels of talent acquisition by leveraging returnship as a sustainable source of talent acquisition.

Custom Consulting

We help identify and assess existing employees engagement strategies to upgrade them to meet the human capital goals of your organization. The facets include Quality of life, Care & Connection, Job Involvement, Recognition & Development and so on.


Impact Stories
Girish Venkatachaliah
An American healthcare giant accelerates global expansion, establishes an innovation center in India
A healthcare conglomerate is expediting time to value by leveraging global talent. Zinnov worked as an extension of the company, setting up the Innovation GCC in 4 months. Tune in to hear Girish Venkatachaliah, CTO, Agilon Health talk about his experience working with Zinnov.
Vinutha Raja
To rapidly create value at scale, Sony expanded its research capabilities by establishing a R&D center in Bangalore
A Japanese Tech colossus reshuffled its Globalization Strategy and set itself up for expedited Innovation via a R&D center in the Silicon Valley of India.
Ken Wakasa
A Japanese Tech Giant levels up its Talent Strategy with a Center of Excellence
A Japanese e-commerce giant leveraged Indian talent to accelerate their global expansion strategy via a Global Capability Center. Tune in to hear Ken Wakasa, Vice President and CTO, Mercari, on his experience working with Zinnov.
Global Talent | Report COE Hotspots of the World 2023 Download our comprehensive location analysis report on the top global talent hotspots of the world to set up Global Capability Centers (GCCs). Zinnov's COE hotspots of the world report provides in-depth location analysis of 17 countries.
Returnship Programs: The Under-tapped Silver Bullet In An Organization’s Talent Arsenal
Global Talent | Blog Returnship Programs: The Under-tapped Silver Bullet In An Organization’s Talent Arsenal Returnship Programs, can become a sustained and scalable channel of hiring, that can combat attrition. Read more here.
Is Hyperpersonalization The Answer To New-Age Employee Engagement?
Global Talent | Blog Is Hyperpersonalization The Answer To New-Age Employee Engagement? Hyperpersonalization has increasingly become critical for leaders to not only attract, but retain top talent, in a hyper-competitive talent market.
Returnship Programs: A Scalable & Sustained Channel For Hiring
Global talent | Report Returnship Programs: A Scalable & Sustained Channel For Hiring Why have returnship programs become a scalable and sustained channel for reintegrating women in the workforce? This research will provide key insights.

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