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Having dedicated Automation teams help organizations create centralized repositories of best practices and expertise that can easily be disseminated across the company. Furthermore, Automation COEs foster a culture of innovation by using design thinking to incubate new ideas and scale them at ease. Most importantly, COEs help firms increase their ROI by focusing and prioritizing processes that can and should be automated.  

Our team of experts work shoulder to shoulder with clients across the entire value chain, including defining the COE charter, vision and governance structure, defining KPIs and measures of success, recruit talent and build processes pipelines, as well as developing frameworks to manage automations by tracking value and ROI.  

Our implementation roadmap follows a deep assessment of our clients’ current Automation initiatives and benchmarking it with a database of Fortune 250 leaders of Automation initiatives to formulate a data-backed business case. 

How We Help Our Clients

Zinnov’s Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model helps co-create value for clients by designing and implementing roadmaps to help create and successful manage Automation Centers of Excellence.

Our Automation experts have been able to drive key outcomes for customers including sourcing talent hotspots for Automation, building COEs that unlock value of Automation in alignment with business goals, standardize governance and delivery of processes organization-wide, using customer intelligence data for decision making, and increasing ROI of automated processes.


We develop Automation vision, identify metrics & KPIs, and define organizational structures & skill gaps to deliver standardized governance controls and data-driven decisions.


We formulate approach & implementation roadmap, manage risks, track & deploy Automation solutions, and monitor business cases and value for a targeted approach, technology analysis and go live plans.


We transfer the entire technology stack with a well-defined roadmap and expected outcomes with a high probability of success to implement and achieve your business and strategic objectives

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