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A large US Software Enterprise digitally transformed the insurance value chain

A large US Software Enterprise digitally transformed the insurance value chain

Client’s challenge

A large software enterprise in the US wanted to develop an insurance value chain and use cases to target as a part of their go-to-market strategy. The enterprise wanted an assessment of the RPA potential across the operations carried out by the back offices within the insurance industry. They also wanted to understand the scope of modernization among the peers in the industry.

How Zinnov helped

Zinnov started with assessing the value chain associated with insurance to develop it for digital transformation. After that, they conducted a study of the processes. The potential of RPA across the back office operations in the insurance industry was assessed and insights presented. The Zinnov team identified the large insurance enterprises and then conducted an analysis across the peer organizations to analyze the scope of advanced analytics and legacy modernization.

The team identified various use cases which were a good fit for the implementation of RPA. Detailed workflows and solution maps were created for the various processes associated with the insurance industry and the operations carried out in the verticals of the enterprise offices.

Impact created

Based on the analysis and research conducted, Zinnov made recommendations around initiatives that the software enterprise could take for the successful digital transformation of the insurance value chain and related processes. The detailed workflows and the solution map were used as a critical lever for the GTM strategy, and enabled the client to effectively implement the recommendation.

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