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A US IT Services Enterprise transformed its customer support processes with automation

A US IT Services Enterprise transformed its customer support processes with automation

Client’s challenge

An American IT service enterprise wanted to apply automation in its customer support department, to efficiently manage customer-related functions. They needed help with assessing the existing processes in Customer Support. they wanted to understand the feasibility of automation within Support workflows, and the value that it would add to the organization’s functioning and growth.

How Zinnov helped

The team at Zinnov performed a detailed evaluation of existing processes, structures and tools that carried out the customer support functions across the enterprise. The evaluation helped the client understand the scope for automation and highlight the various possible opportunities and challenges in the way. Along with automating of the customer support function, the Zinnov team also assisted the US enterprise to strategize how to increase their net promoter score. Zinnov worked on understanding the various elements that would contribute to successful automation in customer support. The team assessed the process challenges across structures and the process tools in use at the time.

Impact created

Zinnov analyzed over 20 processes during the assessment program and provided insights that illustrated the value of automation in the client’s workflows. After careful evaluation of the Customer Support functions, we provided a detailed solution map to the client. The Zinnov team outlined what the workflow could look like in the automation state, and quantified the benefits that it could achieve. Based on the predictive positive impact that automation would bring, Zinnov recommended its implementation in the customer support. This was supported with a detailed automation strategy, and well-defined KPIs which enabled tracking quality improvements over time and better outcomes.

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