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A Global Automotive Giant successfully deployed an organization-wide Low Code DevOps solution

A Global Automotive Giant successfully deployed an organization-wide Low Code DevOps solution

Client’s Challenge

Our client, a global Automotive giant, approached Zinnov to solve a specific problem. As part of their new product innovation program, they sought to assess and validate the market feasibility of their internally developed Low Code DevOps tool for the Automotive and adjacent industries. The objective was clear: understand the current market for the DevOps tool, analyze the competitor landscape, identify customer pain points, and develop a comprehensive business case.

The client aimed to pitch the business case to internal intrapreneurship teams and potential external investors to secure venture development support. The success of this initiative hinged on gaining approval from internal business leaders and refining the solution for global deployment across their internal teams. A transformative journey awaited, and the client’s partnership with Zinnov ensured the success of the initiative.

How Zinnov Helped

At a critical inflection point in their journey, our client recognized the need to enhance developer productivity and innovation capabilities to strengthen their competitive edge. Seeking expertise in digital technologies, they engaged Zinnov’s consulting services to conduct a market validation study and create a compelling business case.

Zinnov began by benchmarking the client’s DevOps tool against major competitors, evaluating both technical and business parameters. Through extensive voice-of-customer interviews, the Zinnov team validated customer needs and formulated a product strategy that emphasized key differentiating features essential for market success.

Taking a holistic approach, Zinnov developed a detailed Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy structured over three phases, that spanned 18 months. This strategy comprised of identifying potential target segments, tailoring offerings to meet their specific needs, devising a pricing strategy, and formulating a comprehensive sales and marketing approach. Additionally, Zinnov provided financial projections, including clear timelines for external funding opportunities, to present a winning value proposition for the solution.

Working closely with the client, Zinnov expedited the entire process, delivering all required documents within the specified timeframe. We accommodated additional client requests by creating a product pitch deck and delivering the final market study presentation to their internal business leaders for consideration. Zinnov’s customer-centric approach ensured a seamless experience for the client, fostering trust and collaboration.

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Impact Created

Zinnov’s intervention brought about a strategy transformation for both the client’s India center and their global headquarters. By aligning the client’s DevOps tool with market demands and strategic goals, Zinnov’s recommendations garnered approval from internal business leaders. Consequently, the solution is now undergoing refinement for global deployment across internal teams.

Furthermore, Zinnov’s market validation study and compelling business case played a pivotal role in ensuring success for the client. The client’s solution team received accolades, winning an Intrapreneurship Award at an internal innovation collective, that solidified their position as industry leaders.

The engagement resulted in tangible outcomes for the client. By leveraging Zinnov’s expertise, the client was able to introduce a solution with an initial revenue potential exceeding USD 5 Mn. Moreover, the client gained an outside-in perspective crucial for informed decision-making, ensuring they did not miss the opportunity to strengthen their competitive edge.

In conclusion, Zinnov’s strategic guidance and market expertise enabled our client, a global Automotive giant, to overcome their challenges and drive innovation with their Low Code DevOps tool. Through meticulous analysis, comprehensive recommendations, and a customer-centric approach, Zinnov empowered the client to gain internal approval, refine their solution, and pave the way for global deployment.

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