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A Global Hyperscaler reimagines its growth story through a robust compete analysis

A Global Hyperscaler reimagines its growth story through a robust compete analysis

Client’s challenge

A global Hyperscaler was unable to capture a major share of the market owing to its rising competition. They reached out to Zinnov to conduct a comprehensive compete analysis of Hyperscalers and Global System Integrators to identify key strategies and future growth initiatives that would help them chart out a growth strategy for the coming years.

How Zinnov helped

Zinnov focused on a segment-based approach to identify and categorize GSIs and Hyperscalers across 6 segments, including, Infrastructure, Applications, Security, Databases, Analytics, and AI. We also considered 12 key geographies across the world to shortlist the compete players.

Zinnov studied each GSI to understand its future digital transformation strategies and analyzed its business strategies and key initiatives across segments.

Further, we built a partner performance dashboard based on their revenue, growth rate, revenue split across segments, and revenue split by Hyperscalers.

We also gathered data about mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, IPs/product offerings, revenue, talent pool, and industry focus of these GSI partners to rate them across the focus segments.

Impact created

This comprehensive compete analysis helped our client develop an understanding of the successful strategies and future initiatives in the ecosystem and enabled them to reimagine their growth and innovation strategy, across the focus segments.


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