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As digital transformation becomes the new imperative for enhanced productivity, organizations need to align their business models to customer needs to become more agile and resilient. Companies need to leverage the benefits of partner-driven, partner-led growth which include increase in revenues, exploring new market opportunities and generating higher ecosystem growth. 

While the benefits of a robust partner infrastructure are limitless, managing and launching these programs efficiently can be quite challenging. 20% of B2B business leaders say their channel programs are inefficient. 65% of strategic partnerships fail to realize their full potential, while 39% of organizations do not have a formal partner program management strategy. 

Our experts closely work with clients to assess their needs and capabilities then recommend the ideal partner strategy with a specific action plan to build or optimize their partner program based on industry best practices, and shifting market dynamics. In addition, we can provide either an implementation plan or full execution support for the project to accelerate your program benefit.

How We Help Our Clients

Our proprietary IDEA framework coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the partner ecosystems to effectively analyze, design, and execute partnerships for hyperscalers, system integrators and software vendors. An organization’s existing programs are assessed using as-is analysis and peer benchmarking and plotted against Zinnov’s maturity model that evaluates channel success based on key parameters including organizational goals, structures, and readiness.

Insights that identify and target the rightpartners augmentedwith best-in-classaccount intelligence I Design comprehensiveprograms that detailroadmaps, alignedto innovation andgrowth strategies D Execute programimplementation andoperations usinggovernance modelswith tangiblemeasurementmetrics E Assess current programs acrossour maturity modeland provide detailedaction plans tomaximize ROI A

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