Digital Workplace as a concept has been gaining traction for the last few years and the current business environment has renewed the focus on specific components within the Digital Workplace ecosystem. Digital Transformation initiatives, with employee experience at its core, are being accelerated across organizations.

End User Computing (EUC) is a key enabler of driving employee experience as it enables a standardized approach to deal with the multi-fold increase in number of devices and user preferences for anytime, anywhere, and any device computing. Through a systemically designed EUC strategy, organizations can setup standardized central IT systems that provide improved employee experiences and boost in employee productivity.

In this event, we bring along a unique blend of perspectives from the EUC ecosystem on a common platform to discuss the possibilities that EUC can unlock for your organization and the best practices to aid you in your Digital workplace journey

Key Discussion Areas

  • How to leverage EUC to build a truly agile workforce?
  • How to get started on your EUC journey? How to scale your EUC journey across the organization?
  • How to base-line, measure and enhance user experience of EUC systems?
  • What are the best practices for EUC?


Ramkumar Narayan

Vice President, Technology & Managing Site Director


Sujoy Chatterjee

Vice President, Infrastructure Managed Services

ITC Infotech

Sidhant Rastogi

Managing Partner