As the global industry continues to get accustomed to post-lockdown norms, Metaverse has surfaced as a cornerstone to propel the next phase of digital transformation. By harnessing the capabilities of AI and distributed computing along with interactive technologies such as 3D, VR/AR/MR, enterprises are building virtual societies for consumers to socialize, collaborate and work. Over the next decade, the metaverse is expected to be pervasive in business, our private lives, and social interactions in many forms. The real promise of the metaverse is new data-rich experiences and services that are faster, better, and cheaper, whether that’s in retail, automotive, manufacturing, or anything else we can imagine.

We are hosting an exclusive invite-only virtual session on “Understanding Enterprise Adoption of Metaverse”, to shed light on the current and future perspectives of the metaverse adoption within enterprises. The session will also explore inciting perspectives from the supply front including talent scouting and investment areas.

Key Discussion Areas

  • Learn more about the growing enterprise adoption of Metaverse technologies and transformative use cases within workspaces and consumer operations
  • Gather thoughts on the supply side talent strength and emerging skill sets that will power metaverse experience and technologies
  • Find out how enterprises across the world are building strategies around the development and usage of Metaverse to introduce new revenue streams
  • Discover emerging Metaverse start-ups to unleash potential across newer use cases such as workflow improvement and brand engagement



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