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As the automotive industry strives to keep pace with technological disruption, from electrification to autonomous driving, it’s become clear that Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs) are the future. The potential of SDVs to redefine automotive features, services and the driver experience is clear. What’s less clear is how OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers can overcome the existing hurdles of coding, upgrading, and innovating at scale while continuing to meet requirements for safety and security.

As new technologies come to market, the automotive industry must find new ways to deliver vehicles that aren’t disrupted by new market entrants, that get better every day, and that generate long-term value and a superior experience for the enterprise as well as a new generation of drivers.

Automotive players across the value chain are going all-in to capitalize on the opportunity of SDVs. This roundtable will shed light on current and future perspectives in the SDV space that promise to transform the market. The session will unwind the hidden potential of SDVs and how enterprises across the value chain can make the most of the opportunity while living-up to the imperative to ensure driver safety.

Key Takeaways
  • Discover new-age automotive ER&D trends and the evolving role of software in the automotive industry
  • How SDVs and Cloud Car Ecosystems enable the automotive industry to rekindle their ability to innovate while maintaining their requirements for driver safety
  • Key areas that will witness high traction in terms of investments and R&D from enterprises in the SDV space
  • How enterprises in the SDV space are navigating market and technology challenges to regain their momentum

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