The medical devices industry has traditionally allowed much of the data it collects to go unused. However, the payers are now waking up to the opportunities and are beginning to consider the possible benefits of building all-encompassing scalable data and device models. Medical device companies have been seeking to develop ways of leveraging technology such as IoT & data analytics, to establish best practices by understanding how customers can successfully utilize their devices ensuring that the devices work seamlessly in an interoperable manner. The focus is to now depart from the conventional medical devices + services model ushering into the age of smart medical devices + services + intelligence. The benefits of in-built connectivity in medical devices are numerous and can help the manufacturers differentiate in the front by delivering optimal customer experience and services standardizing at the core by reducing operating costs and building efficiencies. Thus, building a more robust patient-centric care delivery system prioritizing to act on the digital evidence generated from the smart care devices.

Key Discussion Areas

  • Where is the current state of connectivity adoption to build smart devices and run analytics on data captured to provide actionable insights?
  • How do you technologies such as IoT and data analytics alter the innovation charter for the medical devices design?
  • Can we envision a future where medical devices become more commoditized with similar core functionalities and data being the operative parameter?
  • What are the key challenges faced by the device makers and solutions adopted to build smart devices leveraging data analytics?



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