India Tier-I City Analysis

Mohammed Faraz Khan, Partner, Zinnov; Shoubhik Sen, Research Manager, Zinnov; Meet Kakadiya, Consultant, Zinnov; Harshal Gadgil, Consultant, Zinnov

Over the years there has been a tectonic shift in the landscape of Tier-I cities in India, with an increased overall ease of doing business and expanding talent pool.


Worldwide, the search for skilled talent, new sources of growth, and new market opportunities are at an all-time high due to various factors such as ‘The Great Resignation,’ geopolitical factors, etc. India, with a total installed GCoE talent pool of 1.3 Mn+ across ER&D, IT, and BPM roles, and 250K+ fresh talent with a background in Computer Science, IT, and allied branches, is a coveted global talent hub. With much of this talent concentrated in Tier-I cities, these locations are on track for exponential growth over the next decade, as more companies come seeking the talent.

To better understand the nuances of India’s Tier-I cities and what makes them technology talent hubs, we analyzed 6 such locations – Chennai, Bengaluru, NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. We analyzed each city across different macro and micro parameters such as city attractiveness, talent availability, ease of operations, and economic cost index. In addition, we also evaluated other parameters like ease of living, quality of life, healthcare, and cost of living, to gauge the city’s attractiveness across different lens.

We believe, India is at the cusp of driving a major global talent revolution, with multiple economic reforms, investment and growth opportunities, a thriving start-up ecosystem that boasts 100+ unicorns, and a steady pipeline of soonicorns, spread across Fintech, EdTech, Retail, Enterprise Tech, Mobility, and Automotive. While there is of course scope for more progress, these cities are creating significant impact, considering that a plethora of global companies are establishing their centers in India. In addition, India’s SaaS dominance, numerous open innovation programs with start-ups, a dynamic Technology Service Provider ecosystem, are elevating the country’s attractiveness on the global scale.

This report titled, “India – Tier-I City Analysis,” dives deeper into multiple elements across the 6 identified cities and evaluates them to rank them from a GCoE setup attractiveness perspective.

We hope that the data and insights from this report will guide your investment journey in India.

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India Tier-I City Analysis

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