Intelligent Automation (IA) engendered from the convergence of advanced technologies including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Low Code/No Code, Process Mining, etc., has resulted in enhanced customer/employee/partner experiences, business resilience, and operational efficiencies for enterprises across verticals including Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, IT, Telecom, HR, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, to name a few. There has been an exponential rise in Automation adoption over the last decade, which has further been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, 90% of Fortune 250 enterprises have adopted Automation and the rising demand is being served by more than 1300+ specialist platforms in the space.

The total addressable IA market size stands at USD 265 Bn, of which only 5% is currently the realized potential by enterprises, signaling a tremendous growth potential for early adopters. Thanks to IA, the scope of systems and processes that can be automated is limitless, including a paradigm shift towards Fully Autonomous Enterprises.

Zinnov’s Global CXO Survey of 257 CXOs

65% CXOs tag Intelligent Automation as the #1 priority within their Digital Transformation charters for 2021

77% global CXOs claim that their Automation investments increased due to COVID-19

More than 30% global enterprises have planned an investment of more than USD 1 Mn towards Automation in 2021

~40% global enterprises have identified Enhanced Stakeholder Experience and Business Resilience as the key outcomes from Automation in addition to operational efficiencies and cost savings.

30% enterprises have more than 20% of their total processes automated.

60% enterprises have high to moderate focus on Low Code/No Code Automation to scale their Automation efforts.

27% enterprises have already built more than 50 apps using Low Code/No Code technology.

76% enterprises continue to rely completely on crowdsourcing-based methodologies to discover Automation-ready processes.

25% enterprises have initiated the use of tools-based discovery including process mining and task mining.

52% enterprises intend to start using process mining in the next 12 months

40% enterprises intend to start using Intelligent Virtual Agents in the next 12 months

57% enterprises have a centralized Automation CoE in place

Zinnov’s flagship report on Intelligent Automation Landscape 2021 is the marquee landscape playbook, rich with ground-breaking insights that provide organizations with roadmaps to not only scale their Automation initiatives quickly and efficiently, but also reap the technology’s full benefits.

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