Zinnov’s Top 8 Automation Foresights For 2022

By Praveen Bhadada, Managing Partner, Zinnov; Nischay Mittal, Principal & Global Head – Automation/AI, Zinnov; Prankur Sharma, Engagement Manager, Zinnov

2021 was a sensational year for the Automation world, with never-seen-before demand from enterprises, tremendous amounts of funding being pumped in, and immense action on the M&A front, among others. And 2022 is going to be just as exciting and eventful with further evolution of the space and larger investments. We have spoken to more than 350 enterprises about the future of automation, and come up the top automation trends for 2022, as they digitally transform themselves and accelerate their automation programs.

The Zinnov CXO Conclave, AUTOMATION FORESIGHT 2022 stimulated conversations around the upcoming trends. The panelists colored the predictions for 2022 with their own perspectives and experiences, and helped form a clearer picture of what 2022 looks like for HIA. Automation is emerging as a strategic aspect to the experience economy, at the core of Partner/Customer/Employee Experience, a must-have in the age The Great Resignation, a vital ammunition in the Corporate Sustainability arsenal, and more.


In order to outline robust strategies, it is crucial for leaders to have a line of sight on the major trends that will make shape the global Automation space. Automation is no longer a good to have, but a must-have in an enterprise’s growth and transformation journey.

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Zinnov Automation Foresight 2022

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