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Globalization is the key enabler for organizations worldwide to not only successfully transform and emerge as leaders in their respective categories but to also generate multi-fold impact.  

While Globalization remains a key business priority for competitive advantage, it comes with its own set of challenges. It is imperative for domestic organizations looking to go international to find the right advisor to evaluate risks, costs, and trade-offs.  

Our experts work closely with clients to identify global talent hotspots, design customized organizational operating models, and talent strategy based on maturity assessments and portfolio optimization of existing centers, and create a global operating model that is both cost and value-efficient.

How We Help Our Clients


Portfolio Classification:

  • Invest
  • De-invest
  • Consolidate/Sunset

Investment strategy based on portfolio


Helping companies to attract quality talent to its Center of Excellence

  • Future skillset requirements
  • Future global talent footprint
  • Talent management and reskilling best practices and initiatives


Helping companies set up high value centers to build its innovation capabilities

  • Org Structure (product development and product management), roles and responsibilities, KPIs, etc.
  • Best practices to foster an innovation and agile culture

Build a High Quality, Scalable, Cost Effective Talent Pool With Your Own Captive Center
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Impact Stories
Peter George
A home-grown billion-dollar American EdTech provider is building its strategy capabilities
Peter George, CTO and Executive VP, HMH explains how talent and technology play a pivotal role in the global edtech ecosystem and the role it is playing in elevating the experience for students as well as educators.
Fiona Tan
An American Fortune 500 home goods retailer set up an innovation hub
Fiona Tan, CTO, Wayfair delivers insights about India as a Strategic Geography and the role of an Innovation center to create an impact that reverberates throughout the organization.
Chuck Gordon
A leading American cloud-based self-storage management platform is accelerating capabilities through an innovation hub
Chuck Gordon, CEO, Storable explains what role talent and technology play in bringing innovation to the customer’s doorstep, figuratively and literally.
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Global Capability Centers | Blog How to Increase Global Capability Center Maturity: 3 Key Considerations for GCC Leaders Discover the Power of Proactive Governance, Collective Leadership, and Value Metrics. Transform your Global Capability Center (GCC) for resilience, innovation, and enduring success.

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