Intelligent Talent Cloud: Leveraging Deep Tech To Build And Manage A Remote Workforce

By Nikhil Kulkarni, Principal, Zinnov; Anuj Taraiya, Consultant, Zinnov

Enterprises across the world are experiencing a massive shortage for niche, digitally skilled talent. The rising attrition levels and shortage of talent, particularly in digital and technical skills have caused an estimated USD 4.46 Mn talent gap that is projected to grow to 1.8x, reaching USD 8.04 Mn by 2026. To circumvent the growing lacuna for skilled talent, business leaders across industries have doubled down on their digital investments to continue leveraging a global remote workforce.

The last two years have demonstrated both the viability and manifold benefits of a remote-dominated setup in the long term. From an employee’s point of view, these benefits include an improved work-life balance, access to global opportunities, and reduced expenses. For employers, benefits include access to a global talent pool as well as increasing productivity, sustainability in the long run, and efficiency within their businesses.

The increase in demand for digital talent and the shift in preference towards remote work has led to the emergence of a new category of digital platform — the “Talent Cloud.” These platforms fundamentally act as a talent partner connecting high-quality tech employees working remotely across the globe, and helping scale distributed teams seamlessly.


We believe that the “Talent Cloud” is rooted to disrupt traditional methods of hiring. According to a recent survey, close to 50% of business leaders reported a significant increase in the usage of such platforms in their respective organizations in the past year.

In the present day, deep tech platforms like Turing and its redefined Talent Cloud solutions such as the ’Intelligent Talent Cloud’ is proving to be a global talent accessibility gamechanger. The company leverages the power of advanced technology to enable access to the top 1% of the global skilled talent pool. These platforms source, vet, match, and manage software developers from across the globe, and streamline the remote hiring journey for organizations and developers, making the onboarding process seamless.

 It’s safe to conclude that critical talent challenges are being mitigated by utilizing such deep tech solutions. It is helping unlock a global pool of high-quality technical talent. This talent is also being seamlessly interviewed, onboarded, trained, and managed entirely remotely via the Cloud. With more enterprises opting for the Intelligent Talent Cloud, it is greatly increasing the demand for these digital talent outsourcing platforms demonstrating a global trend.

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Intelligent Talent Cloud

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