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Remote Working Suitability By Job Roles – A GCoE Perspective

Remote Working Suitability By Job Roles – A GCoE Perspective

01 Jun, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact millions of jobs across the globe. With every sector being impacted and coming to a near-standstill due to the country-wide lockdown, employees and companies are extensively leveraging remote working. In fact, most companies are exploring it as a long-term viable option.

While considering remote working suitability for various job roles, organizations are looking at different parameters across three key levers:

  • People
  • Infrastructure & Systems
  • Regulatory & Compliance

At Zinnov, we have analyzed these three levers to understand the remote working suitability for different job roles and the impact of remote working on productivity. Here is a comprehensive view of our findings:

Remote Working Suitability
To get a detailed and customized analysis of how remote working can impact productivity across job roles in your organization, write to us at

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