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How Indian Technology Talent is Treating Healthcare’s Biggest Headaches

How Indian Technology Talent is Treating Healthcare’s Biggest Headaches

15 Mar, 2024

Healthcare payers and providers confront significant challenges that hinder the delivery of effective and accessible care. These challenges encompass limited accessibility, high costs, suboptimal patient care experiences, and inconsistent health outcomes. Both payers and providers are deeply affected, as these issues directly impact patient care quality and the financial sustainability of healthcare systems.

The urgency to address these challenges highlights the critical role of technology. Its adoption not only offers competitive advantages but also simplifies the complexities inherent in healthcare. By integrating technological solutions, the sector can enhance operational efficiency, patient care, and outcome management.

India is emerging as a key player in this technological revolution within the healthcare ecosystem. With a robust technology talent pool of over 3 million professionals, the country is at the forefront of the digital transformation in the healthcare ecosystem, developing innovative solutions that address global healthcare needs. This expertise makes India a critical hub for healthcare technology, demonstrating how focused tech investments can overcome obstacles to digital transformation.

Why Technology Talent is so important to the Healthcare Ecosystem

Digital transformation in the Healthcare ecosystem has been historically slow, with the sector often lagging behind other industries in adopting technology. However, this trend is shifting dramatically with the advent of Generative AI, which is introducing groundbreaking use cases in Healthcare. Particularly in drug discovery, Generative AI is revolutionizing processes such as concept ideation, patent management, target discovery, and most notably, molecular design. This shift is part of a broader digital transformation movement in the healthcare ecosystem towards embracing technology, driven by digitalization, consumer-centric approaches, and an emphasis on wellness and preventive care.

While integrating technology in healthcare introduces its unique challenges, it simultaneously offers potent solutions, turning obstacles into opportunities for enhancing healthcare’s most critical aspects.

Outcomes Driven by Technology Talent for Healthcare

1. Access: Technology is enhancing access to high-quality healthcare by broadening the scope of universal insurance coverage, improving both physical and virtual access to primary care, and developing integrated care models encompassing various healthcare services.

2. Affordability: In the realm of affordability, technology is advancing value-based care, providing tools and information for better care coordination, assisting members in accessing low-cost care options, and improving price transparency.

3. Experience: Technology is poised to refine the healthcare experience by streamlining administrative tasks, offering more personalized and convenient care, facilitating intuitive navigation within the healthcare system, simplifying payment processes, and reducing frustration for consumers and providers alike.

4. Outcome: Technology is critical to improving healthcare outcomes by closing care gaps, promoting preventive measures, supporting chronic disease management, focusing on mental health, and addressing social determinants of health. It also fosters connections among various stakeholders for more effective care delivery.

With such a heavy reliance on technology as a solution, there is an increasing demand for specialized technology talent in these areas.

Essential Technology Talent Skills for Healthcare

Current Strategies that CXOs are adopting to solve their Healthcare Technology Talent Needs.  

With the Healthcare ecosystem increasingly reliant on technology to address challenges in access, affordability, patient experience, and outcomes, healthcare leaders are confronted with a critical decision: how to effectively solve these problems. The options include partnering with service providers, nurturing talent in-house through insourcing, establishing a Global Capability Center (GCC), or a combination of these strategies.

Partnering with service providers offers the advantage of tapping into established expertise and technological infrastructure without the overhead of developing these resources internally. It allows for flexibility and scalability, especially beneficial for specialized or short-term projects.

How India is aiding the Digital Transformation journey for global Healthcare ecosystems

CXOs are increasingly leveraging emerging markets to fulfill their technology talent requirements, with India distinguishing itself as a pivotal hub for Global Capability Centers (GCC). This development is anchored in India’s deep reservoir of tech expertise, underscored by its formidable track record in innovation and service delivery. India’s ascension to the status of GCC capital is a calculated reflection of its ability to offer a compelling blend of scale, skill, and cost efficiency in its technology talent pool, which, at over 3 million strong, presents a competitive advantage unmatched on the global stage.

The evolution of Indian technology talent from fulfilling traditional support roles to leading cutting-edge, innovation-driven projects signifies a strategic shift in the value proposition offered by India’s GCCs. These centers are now at the vanguard of healthcare technology, pioneering advancements in critical areas such as MRI RF coil development, molecular testing, AI-driven medical imaging, and fluorescence imaging.

This paradigm shift marks India’s tech professionals not just as contributors but as prime movers in the development of next-generation healthcare technologies. Their work, characterized by both innovation and delivery excellence, places India at the forefront of addressing complex global healthcare challenges. The strategic implications of India’s role in the global healthcare technology landscape are profound, positioning the country not only as a key player but also as a source of transformative solutions that redefine patient care and product development in the healthcare sector.

Indian GCC Technology Talent Outcomes

Two exemplary instances of value creation by Global Capability Centers (GCCs) in India are:

1. PharmaCo, a Fortune 500 Healthcare and Pharmaceutical company, transitioned from relying on external consultants to an insourcing strategy, enhancing global talent leverage, reducing attrition, and accelerating scalability. This approach improved productivity, domain expertise retention, and data security while aiming to shorten drug discovery timelines and bolster patient care, supporting PharmaCo’s mission of breakthrough scientific research and innovation.

2. Health.Co, a leading healthcare platform, transitioned to insourcing by establishing a Global Capability Center (GCC) in India after their outsourcing partner was acquired, fearing a decline in personalized attention. This strategic shift allowed them to control key technology and engineering functions, fostering innovation and talent development at a global scale. The move not only improved operational autonomy and product development but also positioned Health.Co as an attractive employer by maintaining low attrition and a diverse talent pool.

India at the Forefront: Steering the Future of Global Healthcare Technology

At Davos 2024, India’s significant global presence was a focal point, underscoring its rising prominence in the tech world. The country’s technology talent, numbering over 3 million strong, is in high demand across various industries for its ability to address diverse sets of problems. This expertise is particularly crucial amid the digital transformation in healthcare, where Indian tech professionals are addressing key challenges such as Access, Affordability, Patient Experience, and Health Outcomes, highlighting the indispensable role of technology in healthcare solutions.

India’s Global Capability Centers (GCCs) are leading the way in healthcare innovation, demonstrating the country’s significant contributions to global healthcare technology. With India’s elite technology talent, these centers are pivotal in advancing healthcare solutions worldwide.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with many healthcare companies to set up their GCCs. In fact, we don’t just set up these GCCs; we set them up for scale. By tapping into India’s talent pool, you can position your business for substantial growth in the healthcare sector. Contact our experts today at for a tailored consultation.

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