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India Domain Name Report 2018

India Domain Name Report 2018

31 May, 2018

The domain market in India is a fascinating study of growth, regional disparities, and emerging trends. Despite being one of the largest Internet markets globally, India’s domain name market is still in its nascent stages but shows promising signs of expansion.

a. Domain Penetration: A Slow but Steady Growth

In 2017, India’s Domain Penetration Ratio (DPR) stood at 1.12%, a marginal increase from the previous year. This figure, although low, particularly when compared to countries like the US (43.6% DPR), suggests significant growth potential.

b. Geographical Insights: Regional Leaders and Laggards

Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat have emerged as leaders in domain name growth. Over 90% of domain names are concentrated in the northern, western, and southern regions, indicating economic and infrastructural disparities across the country.

c. Domain Usage: Websites and Professional emails Dominate

A major portion of domain names in India is used for hosting websites and professional emails. However, a concerning finding is that about 25% of domains couldn’t be resolved due to various errors, highlighting a need for better domain management.

d. .com and WordPress: The Preferred Choices

The .com domain remains the most preferred in India, valued for its trust and professional appeal. WordPress has also gained traction over other Content Management Systems (CMS), reflecting a trend towards user-friendly web creation tools.

e. Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs): An Insightful Segment

The report delves into SMBs’ domain preferences, revealing a high awareness of domain names, with .com and .in being the most sought-after. Most SMBs purchase domain names directly from registrars and prefer digital payment methods. Interestingly, cost is not a significant barrier to domain name acquisition for most SMBs.

f. Domain Redirects: Social Media and Trade Portals

A unique trend observed is the redirection of domain names to social media platforms and trade portals. This is particularly prevalent among non-profit organizations, artists, and small manufacturers, suggesting a preference for established platforms over independent websites.

g. Global Context: India’s Contribution

Globally, there were 332.4 Mn domain names as of the end of 2017, with India contributing 5.3 Mn, growing at a 7% year-on-year rate. This moderate growth rate is indicative of an increasing inclination towards a digital presence among Indian entities.

A Market Ripe for Growth

The Indian domain name industry, while still evolving, presents numerous opportunities for innovation and investment. The growth in domain registrations, the emergence of regional trends, and SMB preferences suggest a market ripe for expansion. As Internet penetration deepens and digital literacy improves, the domain name market in India is poised for significant growth.

Snapshot of Indian Domain Name Industry

You can access the whole report HERE


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