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A PE-owned GRC Software company found the right partners to fast-track its plaformization journey

A PE-owned GRC Software company found the right partners to fast-track its plaformization journey

Client’s challenge

The CEO of a leading PE-owned GRC (Governance, risk management, and compliance) software company wanted to create robust growth strategies which would help scale the business with the support of partners.

The client’s business had been growing rapidly through a series of acquisitions with multiple private equity ownerships. With the recent acquisition of a growing Integrated Risk Management platform, the client intended to expedite their journey toward platformization.

The current internal professional services team was not able to support the new customer base across the broader portfolio and was struggling to keep up with the increased demand. This is where the client was looking for partner strategies to help them serve their customers’ needs while also focusing on business growth. Zinnov was tasked with coming up with actionable solutions for the client to implement, as they were looking to build strong partnership strategies.

How Zinnov helped

The client wanted to work in tandem with influential partners in reaching their goal of scaling the business. They also wanted to leverage new technology and make platformization an integral part of this journey. To help them accomplish their goals, we started by streamlining their partner strategy. Zinnov assisted in creating partner contracts and overseeing the end-to-end partner onboarding process. The engagement also oversaw enablement and governance of these newly onboarded partners.

To help the client stay in sync with customer needs and industry competitors, we provided industry benchmarks to them. In addition, Zinnov assisted in setting revenue targets for the first 3 years of the partner program – this proved critical in moving towards profitable growth in the future.

While devising the new strategy, the client wanted to place a significant emphasis on sales, marketing, training, and enablement. With this objective in sight, we worked with a robust data-driven approach to identify best practices and targets. Eventually, the client identified the top 15 strategic accounts which had immediate opportunities and we constructed comprehensive account plans to target them.

Impact created

We established a strong, scalable, and flexible partner contract for the client, which helped them in future partnerships. This was crucial from a future perspective as it help in the clear articulation of roles and responsibilities while keeping the partners in sync with the company’s goals.

We led the structurization of the partner organization and the creation of a comprehensive plan for onboarding partners that made execution more effective. Our engagement went deeper than creating a one-off plan. We created a partner program that evolved with time.

The client was able to achieve their desired goal by onboarding their current set of partners, while driving high levels of engagement with them.

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