Hyper Intelligent Automation: The Next Frontier For RPA


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or simply Automation is firmly entrenched in CXOs’ minds when defining future strategies – that’s the elevated importance that RPA has garnered over the last two decades. It has evolved from a simple platform with the ability to automate certain predefined repetitive processes to its current avatar – Hyper Intelligent Automation (HIA). HIA is a technology born from the confluence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and RPA, evolving from a conventional automation tool to a strategic enterprise game changer.

To leverage HIA and reap the many benefits it offers, enterprises are investing in the technology and experimenting with various use cases. While HIA has been built on a robust infrastructure comprised of multiple technologies, the HIA model has been evolving and will continue to evolve, to cater to the needs of the market. As COVID-19 has intensified the focus on digitalization and automation, organizations will look towards HIA platform companies and Service Providers to develop HIA solutions capable of automating a greater portion of their workflows.

This Bristlecone-Zinnov whitepaper will delve deep into the nuances of the HIA framework and provide insights on –

  • Why Hyper Intelligent Automation will become the new normal
  • The HIA adoption across different verticals
  • The numerous challenges faced by organizations in their HIA journey
  • The HIA implementation framework that organizations can follow
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Hyper Intelligent Automation: The Next Frontier For RPA

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