Enterprises are looking to evolve their Systems of Record (SOR) applications to Systems of Intelligence (SOI) and Systems of Experience (SOX) for seamless customer, employee, and partner experiences. Platform providers are looking to serve enterprises at all levels to ensure that enterprises can extract the maximum value from their SORs, SOIs, and SOXs for enhanced business outcomes, leading to a convergence of Automation technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Low Code/No Code, Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), API Integration, and Process Intelligence to form Hyper Intelligent Automation.

Gigantic Market
~$ 300 Bn

Addressable Automation Market Opportunity

Technology Platforms

Active Platforms across Automation Technology Areas

Immense M&A

Acquisitions of Automation Companies 2021 onwards

Inflow of VC & PE
$ 17 Bn

Funding Received by Automation Companies in last 24 months

Our estimates show that the total addressable HIA market stands at a staggering USD 300 Bn, with 1400+ specialist Automation platforms in play. Additionally, the current USD 22-23 Bn enterprise Automation spend is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~50% to touch USD 170-180 Bn by 2027, thus creating a massive opportunity for the platform companies to fill.

2021 saw companies move from a “desperate” to a more “deliberate” approach towards Automation adoption. Several macrotrends are further fueling the enterprise Automation adoption, but platform companies face an uphill climb in their quest to grab the market opportunity. Amid increasing competition from various players, Automation platforms require actionable insights to witness continuous growth.

Zinnov’s HIA Platform report, built over the last 6 months, has insights and perspectives from more than 300 in-depth discussions across various ecosystem entities, including inputs from enterprise practitioners, Automation platforms, Service Provider partners, developers, and other subject matter experts.

This industry-first, ground-breaking, and comprehensive report on Hyper Intelligent Automation, is a marquee playbook, rich with insights that enable Automation platform players to capitalize on the billion-dollar opportunity – deliberately and efficiently.

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