Digital SMBs – Key Pillar Of India’s Economy – 2019

This is a comprehensive view of the Indian SMB landscape, which covers key aspects like –

  • The number of SMBs and their GDP contribution to India’s economy
  • The current technology adoption by SMBs to enhance digital discoverability
  • The transition from traditional SMBs to ‘Digital SMBs’
  • The impending opportunity owing to SMB digitalization
  • The initiatives that the ecosystem players are taking to tap into the opportunity
  • The way forward

A few interesting insights that were gleaned from the study include –

  • The Indian SMBs contribute 40% to India’s GDP and generate ~180Mn jobs.
  • An emerging category of SMBs such as Housewife Resellers, Media Content Creators, Cab Drivers, and Delivery Partners are enabled by Aggregators in their digital journey.
  • 600+ Aggregators, many of them new-age start-ups such as Udaan, Oyo, Meesho, Ola, Swiggy, etc., have already enabled over 10Mn SMBs and will continue to play a vital role in SMB digitalization.
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