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A global industry Automation expert built a GSI Partner Strategy Focused on Industry 4.0

A global industry Automation expert built a GSI Partner Strategy Focused on Industry 4.0

Client’s challenge

A US-based global leader in Industrial Automation wanted to create an effective GSI partner integration strategy. Their aim was to expand their portfolio in the emerging domain of Industry 4.0.

The client intended to increase their footprint in Industry 4.0 software solutions as a global leader in factory hardware solutions with both products and platforms. They believed that this fast-growing technological advancement would help scale their business rapidly. The path to accomplishing the objectives was through finding the best Global System Integrator (GSI) partners to complement the existing IT-OT partnerships of the client. These partnerships would enable them to integrate Industry 4.0 innovations into their existing product and platform portfolios seamlessly and expand.

The client collaborated with Zinnov as a priority step to identify the top GSI partners, and obtain the know-how of running a successful partnership program with the GSIs to expand their footprint.

How Zinnov helped

In order to facilitate innovation and enable deep relationships between organization, GSIs and customers are essential. The client too wanted to innovate and bring new advanced products and platforms from Industry 4.0 to their customers. Hence, to begin this transformational process, it was first important to identify the best GSI partners and then form a relationship with them. To help the client kickstart the process, we first analyzed the capabilities of 9 GSIs and devised an Industry 4.0 Maturity Framework to shortlist them. After shortlisting, we mapped the GSIs against the client’s portfolio to assess the strategic alignment and account penetration. This gave us an intelligible picture of the best-suited partners that the client could potentially target.

We also studied other Industrial Automation competitors on their GSI engagement models. These insights helped us get a better hold of the market and competitors.

The client also wanted to take care of their futuristic goals and a thorough maturity program was needed to keep partners on track with their long-term strategic and business plans. To accomplish this, we formulated an evolving Partner Program Maturity Model staged over the next 5 years which will achieve the desired results.

Impact created

Through mutual efforts with the client, we successfully identified key GSI partners to achieve scaled growth in Europe with regard to Industry 4.0 software solutions. These partners will be critical in delivering advanced technology products to customers in the region in a timely and efficient manner.

The streamlining and full-scale implementation of the partnership strategy was crucial to avoid any gaps and risks. It was achieved through the prioritization of partners for account penetration, capability expansion and increased geographic coverage in a phased manner.

We also helped the client to pivot in partnership strategy from sole GSI partnerships to multiple partnerships across GSIs, Management Consultants, and ISVs. In addition, the development of a comprehensive financial model significantly helped them ascertain top-line expansion in the Industry 4.0 space.

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