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A US based Healthcare Software Company converted their BOT model to a center of excellence

A US based Healthcare Software Company converted their BOT model to a center of excellence

Client’s Challenge 

The client was operating in India on a Build-Operate-Transfer arrangement in partnership with a BOT solution vendor since 2013. The company wished to re-visit their operating model to a more sustainable operating model. The company wanted to create an exclusive and personalized 100+ member team in a 3 year time period in India. 

How Zinnov helped 

Zinnov conducted an assessment study and presented its recommended operating models to the client. Center of Excellence was chosen as the new operating model to take the operations in-house to reduce external exposure and a conducive management system. Zinnov’s methodical approach involved the identification of critical components and a comprehensive risk-reward analysis to consider various options. This careful consideration culminated in a clear roadmap that accounted for potential contingencies. Once the roadmap was established, Zinnov expertly managed the transition process, taking into account a wide range of factors, including financial management, contract negotiations, vendor relationships, entity formation, back-office operations, and logistics. Through this thorough approach, Zinnov ensured a smooth and successful implementation of the operating model transformation strategy from BOT model to a center of excellence. Post center setup, Zinnov has continued to drive the talent strategy for the client. 

Impact Created 

Zinnov’s operating model transformation strategy resulted in a nearly complete transition of the workforce, with a staggering 95% of employees making the switch. This was achieved without incurring any significant upfront costs, as the company was able to sidestep the traditional expenses associated with office space and IT infrastructure. 

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