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A Global Tech Conglomerate delivered customer support excellence

A Global Tech Conglomerate delivered customer support excellence

Client’s challenge

The SVP, GM, and APAC practices of a renowned global technology conglomerate was looking to achieve customer support excellence.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, the company’s platform was gaining heavy traction among customers from various geographies. The volume of people contacting the customer support of the organization increased significantly due to a mix of increased customer interest, service usage, and security threats such as DDoS attacks.

The resultant stress in customer support operations had the potential to lower customer net promoter score and result in market share loss for the client. The increased frequency was impacting the operations of the customer support team and required streamlining to achieve the same level of efficiency again. Hence, the client wanted Zinnov to provide executable and effective solutions to improve the support operations.

How Zinnov helped

Our goal was to help them achieve efficient customer service operations where the support team has expansive knowledge, and the process is simplified for customers. The process was started by conducting a detailed analysis of the overall customer support process to understand and map the complete workflow. We identified and understood the key challenges across 5 dimensions: structure of the team, the process of customer support in the company, tools used by the team, people, and knowledge management structure.

During our deep research over the course of five weeks, we interacted with 30+ internal stakeholders to identify critical challenges in the customer support cycle. These interactions were crucial as they presented a clear picture of the bottlenecks that both the customers and the support team were facing. We identified several actionable recommendations based on the challenges that would improve customer support operations and could be implemented stage-by-stage by the client.

Impact created

The major outcome of our partnership with the client was the implementation of a quick turnaround strategy that improved customer support operations. This significantly helped them to sustain the increased demand on the company’s platform brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. To exemplify excellent customer service and solve customer queries in real-time, the client also focused on the reduction of friction between multiple teams involved in the customer support processes. Finally, Zinnov’s pinpoint recommendations improved the performance metrics such as FCR, AHT, ASA, and CSAT*, among others of customer support operations and streamlined the entire process for them.

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