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A Fortune 20 Healthcare company set up a Center of Excellence and expanded to more than 600 employees

A Fortune 20 Healthcare company set up a Center of Excellence and expanded to more than 600 employees

Client’s Challenge 

A US based Healthcare giant wanted to setup a Center of Excellence to bring in the next generation of talent and capabilities and develop their Engineering R&D capabilities. The firm already had a global workforce of over 44,000 personnel. 

The client wanted Zinnov to help in all 4 stages of the center setup I.e., building a center blueprint, center setup advisory and employer branding as well as sustained support. 

How Zinnov helped 

Zinnov drew up a strategy to address the priority areas in the process of center setup. Initially, Zinnov conducted a market study to identify potential locations, market assessment (segment, addressable market, domain, employee size) and competitor analysis. Additionally, key trends and market drivers were identified too. Post that, Zinnov created a blueprint for the center – including a target operating model with optimal management spans and layers, and support function ratios.  

Deep diving into the execution and overseeing the center setup while maintaining symmetry across business verticals was the next step in the journey. Zinnov also outlined the talent acquisition strategy and transitioned the finance process without friction 

Parallelly, Zinnov worked on creating a strong brand identity for the client in India. Post the center setup, Zinnov outlined the maturity timeline for the India center and also provided business continuity plan based on proprietary reports. 

Impact Created 

Within a period of 12 months, the establishment of the Center of Excellence was achieved, and the headcount reached 350. A robust brand identity was established for the client, aimed at fostering sustained excellence. This, in turn, generated a strong appeal, attracting a diverse pool of talented individuals for the client to choose from. 

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