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We understand that transforming your business involves high stakes, especially with the ever-evolving business environment. A key driver of cost and operations excellence at scale require agile strategies that merge business objectives with market trends.  

To ensure market success through uncertainty and enhance the odds of success, organizations need to evolve and build new capabilities. We collaborate with clients to develop growth and operations strategies for the future by taking advantage of our cross-industry expertise and a multi-disciplinary team of subject matter experts.  

Our experts have a proven track record of supporting organizations globally and facilitating their business transformation journeys by providing recommendations and insights based on conclusive evidence that help achieves sustainable and quantifiable impact.

How We Help Our Clients

We support clients in transforming their core competencies and business operations by utilizing our deep domain expertise and network of professionals in the technology ecosystem, delivering real-time operational efficiency, and setting them on an unparalleled growth trajectory. Our propritary Hub and Spoke framework assesses a firm’s organizational and talent readiness, provides a comprehensive location analysis, and provides end-to-end project management and implementation roadmaps to ensure seamless integrations.

Our tailor-made and customized approach to act according to the position of an organization in its growth journey helps in tackling the most complex issues and focuses on delivering measurable outcomes that are pragmatic at that point in time.

Strategy Operations

Grounded on real time industry data and internal performance of clients

  • Designing and Setting up Strategy and Transformation offices
  • Identifying initiatives and defining KPIs
  • Define Cadence and progress tracking
  • Robust Business Cases

Portfolio Transition

  • Identification of key portfolios and allocation between the HQ/Primary hub and secondary location
  • Mapping the portfolios and services driven from different locations
  • Evaluate aspects such as the different processes, work performed, intensity of work, digital tools and solutions adopted and key roles under each service area
  • Talent readiness to relocate evaluation across functions

Location Analysis

  • Shortlisting of cities based on Zinnov’s location profiling framework and filtering down a shortlist of key locations to consider based on business objectives.
  • Evaluation of each city across metrics such as talent availability & migratability cost of talent, cost of living, climate vulnerability, connectivity, etc.
  • Deep dive documents on the top 3 shortlisted locations with preliminary roadmaps to setup a center with core teams

Program Management and Implementation

Zinnov will work with customers on end-end implementation and program management support across

  • Operations setup
  • People and branding
  • Communication
  • Process enablement and automation
  • Change management
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Our Team
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