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A US-based technology company enhanced its pricing & delivery models

A US-based technology company enhanced its pricing & delivery models

Client’s challenge

An American technology company aimed to create advisory services for strategic support to companies providing commerce solutions. Zinnov was required to create an engagement model and support the financial ends of the company.

How Zinnov helped

Zinnov worked on a 5-year operating plan review, and multiple product roadmaps & helped with business model transitions. We also assisted with forming Customer Advocate models for increasing client interactions for the India R&D team. We then assessed the business ecosystem – studied about the Incubator/Accelerator landscape in India, identified collaboration platforms for idea crowdsourcing & crowdfunding, and provided insights on emerging technologies such as IoT, etc. In terms of competitor review, we highlighted gaps in the product, delivery, and pricing models, as compared to key competitors. We then benchmarked L&D for the organization, by understanding industry-leading L&D initiatives for leadership capabilities and focused on upskilling employees on new technologies such as Big data & DI. Further, we performed a full capability analysis on competing MNCs and built pitch points for PSG (Partner Services Group) for a multi-million USD deal.

Impact created

Zinnov helped the product teams create POCs on identified gaps and recommend pricing and delivery models. In addition, there was broad consensus achieved on the customer advocate model and programs were implemented to facilitate this model.

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