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A Fortune 100 Tech company drove tangible outcomes through a start-up collaboration program

A Fortune 100 Tech company drove tangible outcomes through a start-up collaboration program

Client’s challenge

A Global Fortune 100 Technology company wanted to accelerate its strategic objectives, to be on the helm of matters and drive tangible business outcomes through their Launchpad Start-up Collaboration Program. Their first task was to setup the said program for its growth and expansion over the years, as the ecosystem was in its nascent stage in 2016.

Zinnov undertook the task to design and operate the said multi-stakeholder program which set the benchmark for our client’s peers.

The client needed Zinnov to step in to –

  • design process for identifying use-cases, shortlisting and curating start-ups and defining process for PoCs.
  • support in-house team with strategic and tactical insights for onboarding internal stakeholders and enabling seamless execution.
  • provide customized support to each of the 8 portfolio teams within the company – ranging from security, enterprise IT, consumer, facilities, and GRE.

How Zinnov helped

Zinnov stepped in, and helped the client achieve their goal in 4 stages.

  • Program Design: We identified relevant business units/stakeholders and designed a program charter that included start-up sourcing and post-program engagement activities.
  • Start-up Selection: In this stage, we understood the client’s existing products/solutions and then identified the best-in-class start-ups which are complementary to the nature. This significantly improved the odds of success.
  • Mentorship: To ensure holistic growth, we had to bring in set of specific tech and business mentors from the ecosystem and leverage their knowledge and expertise.
  • Portfolio Development: Built a long-lasting relationship with start-ups after program graduation

Impact created

Over the last 5 years, 54 startups were accelerated, and 90% follow-on-funding was secured after start-ups graduated from the program. Additionally, there have been 5 exits.

16 start-ups were named as Solution Partners to the Client through the program; over 25+ tech validation and pilot opportunities were executed across 5 business units.

Today the program networks boasts of 90+ mentors, 80+ founders, 60+ investors, and 20+ partners – enabling start-up acceleration in all aspects.

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