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Demystifying Process Intelligence: Unlocking Enterprise Value Beyond Intelligent Automation

Demystifying Process Intelligence: Unlocking Enterprise Value Beyond Intelligent Automation

21 Oct, 2022

Global unpredictability has shaken enterprise digital transformation priorities since 2020. It has questioned how businesses think about agility and future resilience. Critically examining and optimising an enterprise’s processes is now crucial for organizations to survive and thrive in today’s competitive business landscape. Manual methods of understanding processes such as organizing hackathons, hiring external process experts, and internal ideation sessions are cost effective, but aren’t data-backed or scientific in nature. Process intelligence solves this problem.

Understanding Process Intelligence

Process Intelligence is a tools and data driven approach to understanding process information at scale across enterprise systems. It provides clear and accurate visibility into the current state of an organization’s processes and helps identify process bottlenecks.

Process Intelligence solution stack

The process intelligence tech stack comprises multiple technologies and features to make an end-to-end process intelligence solution. Enterprises would ideally begin with Process Mining to analyze the operational processes based on the enterprise’s event logs. The solution must seamlessly integrate with the enterprise’s applications for a smooth data ingestion process. While process mining can effectively help enterprises analyze and map operational processes, there might still be some user-level nuances which might have been overlooked. This is where Task Mining comes in – a technology captures user or desktop interaction data which allows businesses to analyze how employees are getting work done. The data collected through process and task mining helps build out detailed process maps. These create a clear picture of how processes are being carried out and the stakeholders involved at each step. These maps help build intuitive dashboards for the business and process owners. Using workflow analytics and insights, they help understand processes inside-out and identify bottlenecks. The intelligence layer, which will support the technology in the solution, is enhanced by Artificial intelligence, computer vision, deep learning algorithms and NLP capabilities. A critical part of a Process Intelligence solution is its data security layer with strong security features and encryption standards, making it more reliable and secure.

Value for Enterprises

Process Intelligence solutions offer a plethora of benefits for enterprises.

  1. Discovering the right opportunities for Automation – Process Intelligence solutions help dissect business processes, identify bottlenecks, and eventually rank processes via a framework to select the process most ripe for automation. This generates an automation pipeline.
  2. Prudent decision making backed by data – Since the Process Intelligence solution leverages IT systems data, the stakeholders are assured that their decision is driven by years of data and not human instinct or other external factors.
  3. Accurate Documentation of Processes – For various regulatory purposes and compliance certifications, enterprises need to document their internal processes. Using Process Mining and Task mining, these can be automated with high accuracy.
  4. Helping enterprises reach their Sustainability goals – By mapping processes and assessing the carbon emissions associated with them, enterprises can shift focus to reducing emissions within those processes, bringing them close to their Sustainability goals.

While Process Intelligence adoption is on the rise, there is resistance from enterprises. Process Intelligence is an emerging technology area and enterprises are still figuring out its applicability. There are several myths looming about Process Intelligence which we aim to dispel below –

Process Intelligence adoption

To dive deeper into the topic, read our recently published whitepaper titled “Demystifying Process Intelligence: Unlocking Enterprise Value Beyond Intelligent Automation”.

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