About us

Founded in 2002, Zinnov is headquartered out of Bangalore with presence in Houston, Silicon Valley, and Gurgaon. In over a decade, Zinnov has built in-depth expertise in engineering and digital practice areas. We assist our clients in globalizing their operations and maximizing their footprint by:-

  • Effectively leveraging global resources for engineering, IT, Digital and Business Ops for higher throughput – innovation, productivity, cost savings
  • Enabling companies to focus on new product development and core business processes by finding the best outsource service providers
  • Growing revenue for their products and services in India and other emerging markets.

With our team of experienced professionals, we serve clients in Software, Automotive, Telecom& Networking, Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, Storage, Healthcare, Banking, Financial Services & Retail verticals in US, Europe, Japan & India.


“We aspire to be a top-notch management consulting firm empowered by innovation.”

We at Zinnov believe that imbibing /introducing a culture of innovation requires striking a balance between focused attention and a questioning mind. To achieve the same, it is essential to create and capture opportunities in new ways by improvising on the already existing strategy, processes and culture

Meeting The Client Expectations

We at Zinnov aim to create long-lasting relationships with our clients. We adopt hands-on, pragmatic approach to develop winning strategies that address each client’s unique and evolving requirements. Our motto is to ensure that our clients are offered the right solution which delivers a real return on investment. Our end-goal at Zinnov is not just limited to offering advice, strategic planning or research, but to constantly empower clients and making their organization grow stronger by keeping abreast with evolving knowledge and competencies that create lasting competitive advantage.



Integrity is the key pillar of our organizational values. Our employees are encouraged to be honest, recognizing their strengths and weaknesses. Integrity drives our professional and commercial practices, through the exercise of respect, honesty, transparency and fairness. Equally, integrity governs our positive impact on our communities and society in general, as we fulfill our responsibility to be good corporate citizens.

“Wow” Customer Experience

Wow communicates a lot of things. To ‘Wow’, we must stand out, which requires us to do something unconventional and outside the box. We at Zinnov try to offer ‘Wow experience’ to our clients by exceeding their expectations. To deliver ‘Wow’, it obviously requires us to look beyond the average and excel in everything we do

Inspire Imagination & Creativity

Innovation is the practical expression of imagination. It turns ideas into reality. We work with our clients to create an environment that supports this expression, seeking opportunities for innovation in day-to day work activities. When opportunities or challenges arise, we believe solutions exist, all it requires us to take risks to discover answers, think ‘outside the box’. We accept our failures, remain optimistic, and maintain our sense of wonder. We aspire to get our clients to think beyond and persevere till the end.

Trust and Empowerment

We at Zinnov believe in ‘can-do’ attitude, strive for excellence and quality in every task. We speak up our mind and believe in sharing our views constructively. Our approach is to embrace change and new ways of working. We take ownership for finding solutions, making decisions and collaborating on tasks with our colleagues. We constantly seek to develop our knowledge, skills and abilities.

Courage & Passion

Courage is the cornerstone of our success. Everyone who takes on a new initiative demonstrates courage, since every new idea harbors some element of risk. It takes courage for our employees to innovate and become leaders of change. We at Zinnov take pride in our achievements, while also having the courage to learn from our mistakes. We have the power to remain competitive because we have the courage to reinvent ourselves.

Passion is what drives us to outperform and undertake new challenges. We are motivated by the passion to succeed, guided by excellence, the highest standards, and a dedication to provide uncompromised quality. We at Zinnov are passionate about provide excellence in services we offer as we believe that our company exists because of and for the people we serve. Our passion does inspire others!

Building a Demanding and Caring Organization

We strive to be an organization that takes care of its people by providing them the flexibility to realize their professional and personal goals. We reward high performance and create an environment that discourages indifference and disengagement.

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