The Evolution Of Quantum Computing – A Zinnov POV

Rajat Kohli, Partner, Zinnov; Atul Srivastava, Engagement Manager, Zinnov; Swapnil Keshri, Project Lead, Zinnov; Kashvi Jajodia, Consultant, Zinnov

Forty years ago, Richard Feynman proposed that if we could harness the power of quantum physics, we could build the most powerful kind of computers yet. Realizing Feynman’s vision has been one of the most challenging tasks that scientists of the 21st century have on their plates.

As breakthroughs accelerate, investment dollars pour in, and Quantum Computing start-ups proliferate, Quantum Computing is finding its applicability and need across businesses, social interactions, and personal life. Quantum has the potential to solve some systemic challenges in the world, if used intelligently – be it life-saving drug discovery for a future pandemic or enhanced fraud detection for supply chain issues.


In the next five to ten years, we will definitively be moving away from scientific prototypes to real-world innovative use cases in this space. Having commercially viable quantum computers is no longer just a distant dream – nearly half of the developments by full-stack players like IBM, Rigetti, D-Wave, and Honeywell are currently in the discovery/innovation phase. The Quantum Computing-as-a-Service market (QCaaS) is expected to touch USD 7-8 Bn by 2030 with a CAGR of 32-34% – these numbers serve to underline the rate at which the technology is rapidly gaining popularity.

Financial Services, Healthcare, Automotive, and Manufacturing industries have emerged as the four prominent industries in the Quantum Computing ecosystem. If you’re a business leader, investor, or a general technology enthusiast, this Zinnov POV titled, The Evolution of Quantum Computing will provide answers to these questions and more –

  1. What are the different possible growth scenarios for the Quantum Computing market?
  2. What are the major application areas for the technology?
  3. How can different industries and sectors benefit from Quantum Computing?
  4. How are different players offering support to the demand ecosystem?
  5. Which enterprises are emerging as the leaders of the space?
  6. How are investors perceiving new-age start-ups in the space?

Get a comprehensive view of the current Quantum Computing landscape and where it is headed in the next few years.

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The Evolution of Quantum Computing – A Zinnov POV

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Evolution Of Quantum Computing

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