Next-Gen Engineering: Transformation Across Chip-To-Cloud

By Kingsley Samuel, Principal, Zinnov; Moin Moosa, Project Lead, Zinnov

Engineering and R&D activities have been at the core of the industrial revolution. It has helped individuals prosper by making laborious tasks easier and hassle-free. From making mobility efficient, driving speed and efficiency, and performing complicated tasks, among others – Engineering has significantly transformed the Manufacturing, Hi-Tech, and Services-led verticals, over the last 2 centuries.

Since the onset of the pandemic, a transformation chasm has opened across various verticals, particularly for digital-heavy ones like the Software & Internet. To stay ahead in the game, enterprises across the globe are reassessing their business strategy for the future. Today, they have one common goal in mind – taking control of end-to-end engineering.

To facilitate this vision, global enterprises are transforming every aspect of the value chain, starting from Chip-to-Cloud, to stay relevant and improve customer experience.


Why is Next-Gen Engineering Gaining Traction?

Next-gen engineering paves the way for innovation and development beyond legacy platforms and systems. It offers the potential to rethink, redefine, and innovate to create more value for customers and differentiate oneself from peers to win in the long run.

To stay ahead of the disruption curve, next-gen engineering trends are rapidly growing across verticals. The widespread adoption of these next-gen engineering solutions is helping industries break through decades of stagnation and address new-age challenges with cutting-edge solutions.

A few of the prominent trends surfacing are:

  • Semicon Engineering has evolved into a horizontal cutting across multiple verticals. Silicon Design is gaining traction due to custom chip requirements across industries
  • Engineering Adoption is buoyed by growing consumer preference and investor interests in sustainable products and energy transition
  • Across the value chain, Digital Thread is incorporating intelligence at every step and enabling outcomes by intertwining next-gen technology into the process
  • Platforms are being built on Cloud/AI to pre-process data closer to the source reducing the computational burden across systems.

How to showcase brand differentiation at speed?

Enterprises must go beyond the traditional evolutions and offer digitally transformed products with a critical focus on Chip-to-Cloud transition. In essence, next-gen engineering capabilities and horizontal integration technologies will help stay ahead of disruption and showcase differentiation from peers.

Leaders who tap into these trends at the earliest will experience long-term success for their businesses.

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Next-Gen Engineering: Transformation Across Chip-To-Cloud

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Next-Gen Engineering: Transformation Across Chip-To-Cloud

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