Indian SaaS Revolution – Rising Trillion Dollar Global Opportunity

The Indian SaaS industry has grown exponentially over the last two decades, creating a niche for itself on the global stage. The landscape has metamorphosed and matured to bring about a chromosomal change in the Indian technology ecosystem and is poised to provide a massive boost to the Indian economy in terms of growth and employment rates.


Over the last five years, the Indian SaaS industry has witnessed an unprecedented bull run. The 5X explosive revenue growth and the 2X growth in the number of SaaS companies are a testament to this exponential growth, which has been built on the track record of the SaaS industry’s high capital efficiency. The growth in the SaaS industry continues unabated at a massive ~51% CAGR, with the possibility of it becoming a trillion-dollar-valued industry by 2030 a strong reality. In fact, this aggressive growth will create 200K+ new jobs over the next five years, providing a massive fillip to the Indian economy.

The Indian SaaS space is the epicenter of a major SaaS revolution, with Indian SaaS players poised to fulfil 19% of the global SaaS demand by 2025. But what are the factors leading this revolution? What role are the Indian SaaS unicorns and their entrepreneurs playing in driving this revolution on the global stage? What is the impending opportunity that can propel more unicorns in the space?

This Chiratae-Zinnov SaaS study on the Indian SaaS revolution will touch upon these aspects and more, by providing a comprehensive view of the Indian SaaS landscape, the prominent players in the ecosystem, and where the industry is headed in the next five years.

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Indian SaaS Revolution - Rising Trillion Dollar Global Opportunity

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