Associate Consultant / Consultant

Educational Qualification:
BE/B.Tech from T1 college

Minimum 3 years of relevant experience in Consulting

Job Responsibilities:
Play a key role in designing research plans to generate the understanding needed to solve business issues or capitalize upon market opportunities.

1. Support and contribute to consulting assignments through
1. Primary and Secondary research
2. Data collation, interpretation and analysis
3. Presentation / Report preparation
4. Creation and application of consulting & research frameworks
5. Gaining a holistic view of the consulting project
6. Focused quality research to arrive at a well framed and thought solution for the client.
7. Create a competitive advantage through consumer and market understanding.
8. Provide direction to outside agencies and internal resources in the design and implementation of research programs, processes, and result analysis and reporting.
9. Support primary consumer research to identify, analyze, track, and report actionable consumer insights to key business stakeholders so as to support key business initiatives.
10. Manage on-going consumer data and tracking services, perform routine and extraordinary analysis, and ensure appropriate reporting access, formats, and analysis for all business functions.
11. Support the communication of key facts, trends, and implications via systematic reports, scheduled presentations, and ad-hoc support for key marketing initiatives.
2. Own small consulting engagements as an individual contributor or individual work streams in larger consulting engagements
3. Guide junior consultants in their day to day research and analysis activities
4. Assist in business development activities by preparing project / work proposals
5. Work in collaboration with team members and ensure superior deliverables

Desired Skills :
1. Technical and Functional Knowledge
2. Analytical Skills
3. Problem Solving Skills
4. Research Orientation
5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
6. Proficiency in MS Office

Behavioural Traits:
1. Demonstrate Teamwork
2. Positive Attitude with a flexible approach
3. Good Interpersonal skills
4. Integrity, Accountability and Ownership
5. Ability to chase a revenue and receivable target
6. Willingness to learn and proactive in exploring new areas relevant to current business.
7. Take initiative in completing tasks that are assigned
8. Demonstrate innovation in obtaining information that is hard to find

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